When bearded white dudes cover insanely popular “urban” pop tunes…

I simultaneously came across two acoustic covers of hiphop/dance tunes this week that are well worth checking out. The first offering is by a group named Obadiah Parker – it’s their cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” I promise, you have never heard this song this way, and it has never sounded better!

The second is a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” performed by one of my favorite artists, Ray LaMontagne. This video isn’t of him, but the audio track from t is the song in reference.

Two very cool covers of pop songs you’ve been sick of hearing for months. Brought to new life by two extremely talented artists.

4 thoughts on “When bearded white dudes cover insanely popular “urban” pop tunes…

  1. This actually makes me really mad, because, as many of my friends will attest, I’ve been working on an acoustic cover of Hey Ya for nigh on a year. And then this no talent ass clown comes in on the spotlight and steals my idea! And this worst part of it is, it’s pretty good! What a jerk! Just let it be known, I was thinking of doing this long before this goon made this video.

  2. It’s pretty good – but he’d do well to lose the clips from the real video. It’s not necessary, it distracts from what he’s doing rather than enhancing it, and I’m pretty sure it’s anti-legal.

  3. Josh, I agree about the video. Although it is cool to see that they do pretty much follow the same pace despite sounding like two completely different songs. The first time I heard it was an audio pull from this video. It’s alot stronger as just a piece of music.

    Raych, I checked him out. Entertaining!

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