Hey You (wrote a really crappy song)

I don’t care what side of the fence you find yourself on regarding the debate over global warming and the environment, can we all at least agree that this is quite possibly the worst song ever written?

What I little bit I saw from the Live Earth concerts was pretty uninspiring. In that case, I guess it’s appropriate that Madonna’s theme song for the event sounded like she wrote it in hotel room about five minutes before she took the stage.



6 thoughts on “Hey You (wrote a really crappy song)

  1. Sounds like a parody of bad “cause music.” And if memory serves me, someone already wrote an excellent song titled “Hey You”…

    I think there are two sides to the “climate change” issue: a fairly serious reality and a pop-culture religious movement. Guess which side I think Madonna and “Live Earth” fall on?

  2. I think there are two sides to the “climate change” issue: a fairly serious reality and a pop-culture religious movement.

    That is a spot-on observation my friend.

    I’m at the point where I can’t look at the amount of plastic, non-biodegradable waste and carbon emissions and say we’re not having some sort of adverse affect on the environment. I don’t believe any rationally thinking person could hold to that opinion at this point.

    Now, whether or not we’re directly responsible for climate change, or how rapidly the rate of climate change is being affected, I’m not so sure. But I basically say… let’s error on the side of caution. Let’s solve the energy issues, let’s shrink our waste and reduce our “environmental footprint” as much as possible. Why not? Wouldn’t it be short-sighted and irresponsible not to?

    But you’re right about the “religious movement” aspect. It’s very nouveaux to speak publicly about the environment right now, but I don’t know very many people actually doing anything to make a change. (Kinda like real religion!) I mean, most of my friends think it’s weird that I ride a bike. And a family of three that drives a Civic? Unheard of! (Don’t you know you need an H3? Where will you fit your kid and groceries?)

  3. Yes yes and yes. If one more random celebrity, show, or store mentions the words Go Green to me I’m gonna freak out. And so far I’ve counted three car commercials that involve a car coming up out of the ground or being made of the ground. Bizarre.
    And as I always do, I’m gonna dig my heels in and object. I’m gonna ride around in my car all day throwing sixpack wrappers into lakes, use plastic bags at the grocery store every chance I get, and continue putting my glass bottles into the normal trashcan until Oprah, Madonna, and Al Gore admit how much money they’re making off of “going green”.

  4. oh madonna is a FABULOUS legend. *tears* she loves well…acknowledged her shallow past publicly…now practices love so well…its in her music…if you are open to it.

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