Sabres to play outdoors?

According to multiple sources inside the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres may play a regular season game outdoors on New Years Day at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. No details have been released yet, but it looks like their opponent may be the Pittsburgh Penguins.

If the game takes place it would be only the second time in history that an NHL regular season game has been played in the elements. The first was the Heritage Classic which was played in November 2003 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers. Over 57,000 fans turned out and braved a -22°F wind-chill to watch both teams skate to a 3-3 tie.

All I know is if this game does go down, you can count me in! I don’t care how cold it is in Western, NY in January, I am not going to miss a chance to see something that stinking cool! Not only would I get to see my favorite team play a game in an outdoor rink, but they’d go against the league’s best player to boot!

Take that all you warm-state transplant hockey fans! You can have your Stanley Cups – what with your Tampa Bay, Carolina and Anaheim – we northern fans wil get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit outside and freeze our patoots!

Oh, wait…


6 thoughts on “Sabres to play outdoors?

  1. What an event the Heritage Classic was. You said you’d get to see the league’s best player but I thought Joe Thornton still played for San Jose!

  2. Dan Y: You a hockey fan? I didn’t know that!

    Timmay: don’t worry, he was only kidding himself with that Thornton comment.

    But apparently so was I with my claiming Crosby was the best. If contracts are any indication, apparently Thomas Vanek is better than the Sid?

  3. Going to school at Clarkson in Potsdam, NY and now living in Rochester I have to like hockey. I’d be an outcast if I didn’t.

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