Congrats to Isaac and Sue!

This weekend we were blessed to have an opportunity to attend the wedding of our dear friends Isaac Jacobs and Sue Gears. The ceremony took place outdoors on Friday evening and the scene at the Plantation Party House was was absolutely beautiful. During the reception we enjoyed reconnecting with a handful of folks we’d met previously at various Ardent/Emmaus happenings, as well as meeting some more of Isaac’s friends from college – or as Cheryl and I call them, “the Elimites.”

My favorite part of the evening took place during the ceremony itself. Isaac and Sue took part in communion together as a symbol of their unity with one another and with Christ. After they were finished all those in attendance were invited to partake in communion as well. As we filed toward their marriage altar, their pastor and various spiritual leaders administered the elements to us in small groups of 10-12. They also lead us in prayer, for Isaac and Sue, but also for a renewed sense of community and passion for Christ and his body.

While waiting in line I couldn’t help to notice Isaac and Sue seated together at the altar just taking in the scene. You could see the love and joy in their hearts as they watched those they know and love sharing in their communion experience. I know Jesus was pleased. We were all blessed to be a part of it.

We prayerfully dream of all the best for Isaac and Sue as they begin their new life together. (We’re also green with envy as they’ll be  touring the vineyards of Napa Valley in California on their honeymoon.) Congratulations you two, we’re so happy for you!



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