Thank you Jon Lovitz!

By now you’ve heard the news that Jon Lovitz beat the living crap out of Andy Dick this weekend at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. Apparently the two had an altercation which ended with Lovitz slamming Dick’s head repeatedly into a bar until, according to the club’s owner, “blood started pouring out of (Dick’s) nose.”

It seems as though Lovitz has been harboring hostility toward Dick for quite some time. He blames Dick for the death of his close friend and fellow Saturday Night Live cast member Phil Hartman. Lovitz said that he came close to assaulting Dick at an earlier confrontation but held back because, “I don’t hit girls.”

Now, I’m not condoning Lovitz’s actions. In fact I abhor violence outside of a hockey rink or football field. But let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to bash Andy Dick’s face in at one point or another. Lovitz just beat us all to the punch – quite literally.



7 thoughts on “Thank you Jon Lovitz!

  1. shane–this is the first time I’ve read your blog. your myspace bulletins were quite frankly enough. nevertheless your last bulletin was juiced enough to demand that I check it out. I’m glad I did. Your talent is far more realized here than on your myspace bulletins. go you. work.

  2. Cathy: It was a joke. I obviuosly don’t condone what Lovitz did. In fact I said that in the post itself. I thought it was more obvious, but I was only kidding.

    Marcus: of all my posts this was the one that sparked your interest? Oh my.

  3. I’m seeing Lucinda Williams for free because I live in an awesome city that pays artists come and play for free on a constant basis. (They do it to try to stimulate business in the High Falls district). Unfortunately I missed the Reggae Festival a couple weeks back, but I am planning to see Donna the Buffalo next week.

  4. Hey Bro’! I hope I see you tomorrow night @ Lucinda’s show! Yes, this IS a cool city. I caught a free movie at Charlotte last night, free RPO concert @ the beach tonight, free LW show tomorrow night (followed by another free movie @ the Highland Bowl). I’m starting to like it here again…

  5. Yeah dude, find me at the show. Now that they’ve moved the show to the Main Street Armory we’re not totally sure how “family friendly” it’ll be (what with the smoke and confined spaces and all). But it’s only a block from my house so we’re going to go down and check it out for a little while at least.

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