New NOOMA exclusive preview!

The latest installment of Rob Bell’s popular NOOMA film series will be released at the end of this month. But fans of the series are being treated to an exclusive web preview of the film on NOOMA’s MySpace page.

The new film. titled “Today,” can be seen in its entirety starting Monday, July 23rd at noon EST and will be available only until Wednesday, July 25th.

The NOOMA videos are multi-sensory short films which are great for outreach and small group discussion. The cinematography and music are far above par for this type of format, and Bell’s insights are extremely thought provoking and challenging. I’ve seen roughly half of the NOOMA films at cannot recommend them highly enough.

The video below is a short preview of “Today.” If I can find a way to post the entire video here I will update this post. Until then, please do go to the NOOMA MySpace page and enjoy the full-length film!


One thought on “New NOOMA exclusive preview!

  1. at first glance i thought you wrote nambla. i was concerned.

    but butrose, where’s the tammy faye memorium? my friend stephanie had these poingant words:
    “She is now walking cancer free in a new world void of pain and illness, and filled with makeup counters with many eyeliners and eyeshadows to choose from.”

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