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“There are a number of ways we can touch the people of Aliquippa, and we wanted to be right there alongside them as we do,” he said. “I believe assets exist in any community, no matter how distressed it may be.”

Paul Dordal, friend and pastor of Crestmont Alliance Church, in an article written about some of the work his church is doing in one of the poorest communities in America.


One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. Amen! That’s exactly the reason why, when we moved back to the Rochester area, we decided NOT to move into an emerging whitebread suburban development but rather into an old house just off of Main St. in the middle of downtown Rochester.

    We just felt so convicted that the church’s focus on planting in “developing” areas wasn’t for us. That maybe that type of focus is helping to widen the racial divide in the church. That it’s leaving behind the “poor and oppressed” in favor of going where the money is.

    (Safety, comfort, a picket fence. The Jedi craves not these things.)

    So we decided if we were going to be the kind of people we claimed to be, that we’d need to live in a place where our life’s “ministry” (whatever that may be) would be in joining God’s work at rebuilding, restoring and renewing the people, places and cities he cares so much about.

    Isaiah 61. Nehemiah. That’s the kind of thing we want to be a part of.

    Our neighborhood is loud, and dirty and we’re surrounded by violent people. But we know we’re where God wants us to be.

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