David Bazan + Death Cab + Radiohead = Great music moment

During a recent performance David Bazan invited Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie to join him on stage for a cover of Radiohead’s “Let Down” from their OK Computer album. Such great artists. Such a great song.

The audio is awful and I think the cameraman may have been standing in a sailboat, but at least there is video documentation of this very cool music moment.

On a related note, Bazan’s completely reworked cover of this song appears on Sterogum’s OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer and can be heard here.

On another related note. Bazan will be playing Buffalo on October 26th. Just my luck, I get one chance to see the guy perform in my neck of the woods and I have to choose between him and Over the Rhine.


5 thoughts on “David Bazan + Death Cab + Radiohead = Great music moment

  1. Well they’re not going to be close by exactly. On October 26th they’re playing in NYC. Cheryl’s parent’s live down that way and we have friends and family in and near the city so we were considering a roadie.

  2. Lord (admit it, you get off on me calling you that), I’m real sure Mr. Bazan is coming close enough to you real soon.

    BTW, are you close enough to NYC to justify the roadie to see OTR? I’d love to hook up with you (in whatever way that means to you of course) when I come downstate. 😉

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