Freaking Stud…



So Tiger won his 13th major today with a win at the PGA Champoinship at Southern Hills.

For the record, the guy’s my hero. I don’t care how queer it is to idolize a guy who’s a year younger than yourself. I am just perpetually in awe of all that he’s accomplished as a golfer, man, husband and father.

His win today puts him at 13 wins in “major” tournaments. Of course, everyone in the Rochester golfing community has their collective fingers crossed that he’ll break Nicklaus’ record (18 majors) when he’s in town for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill in 2013. (Don’t laugh, it’s only six years away.) I will pay any price for the chance to see that happen on Rochester soil.


6 thoughts on “Freaking Stud…

  1. it’s golf! GOLF! now, i truly admire the man’s talent, and he seems like a good guy, but that whole “who’s now” thing on espn, and tiger winning…i mean, he’s a golfer! you telling me a golfer is our best athlete? i just don’t get it. i think golf and i think retired athletes and old fat white guys. help me understand butrose.

  2. I agree, when he is within reach of the top on Saturday or Sunday, I tend to watch the event. When he is so far back, I don’t really watch.

    the attraction? When his shots are hot, they’re hot. He is exciting to watch.

    The jury is still out on his fatherhood — or dadhood — will Sam be a golfer, softball player, or soccer fanatic? Will dad be involved or still chasing a record?

  3. Yeah, I don’t know if I can help you much Eddard. While thinking of golf may conjure up images of guys like John Daly and Craig Stadler, when it comes to Tiger there’s little doubt in my mind he could have excelled at any sport he chose play.

    Golf’s a wicked hard game, but anyone can play it. It takes strength to drive, skill and finesse near the green, tons of stamina and concentration. But you can also tuck a twelve pack in your bag and hack around a few acres of land while you gnaw on a stoge for a few hours on a Saturday too.

    Since Tiger emerged it has ceased to be an elitist sport. I never grew up with much money, and even now can only afford to play a few rounds a year at the most. But I love the game.

  4. i understand the appeal of the driving range & mini-golf…it’s all that stuff in between teeing off and putting i don’t get – and could never sit & watch on tv. maybe it’s cause i got kicked off a golf course for slamming my putter into the green when i was 14 🙂

  5. Wow … I just read this again. Two thoughts …

    1) I wouldn’t have used the term “queer” in that way if I were to write it today…

    2) I guess I will have to add “adulterer” to his list of accomplishments. Though not an admirable trait … he even approached that arena like a champ.

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