Cheney was completely right about Iraq…


7 thoughts on “Cheney was completely right about Iraq…

  1. On the one hand: WOW, YIKES, SHEESH, etc.

    On the other hand, it’s more sad than outrageous. Politicians are just people (severely flawed people, most often), and as such are prone to changes of mind and principle. But it does make you wonder if Mr. Cheney has any kind of rationale for his about face on this, or if it’s just good old fashioned power madness.

  2. I think their argument would be that the scenario was different than it was ten years prior. The justification for going to war was Hussein’s defiance and lack of cooperation with UN weapons inspectors, and his alleged stockpiles of weapons.

    Of course, in retrospect, everything Cheney said in this clip has pretty much come to pass or may someday soon. So when you remove the “weapons of mass destruction” argument from the equation, as it’s been proven false and based on either poor information or blatant lies (you pick), it makes the administration (and you and I by default as Americans) look pretty bad.

  3. I’m sure if we were in Mr. Cheney’s seat in 1994 we would have agreed with him then. However, keep in mind this statement was pre-911. Everythings changed! We can’t sit comfortably and safe in America because the “war” is in our own backyards. That’s not saying I agree with the present war, but I do believe that God is in total control, and scripture tells us there will be wars and talk of wars, in the last days. That doesn’t necessarily mean only in the Middle East! As for Mr. Cheney’s about face, on what he said, I’m sure if we recorded every conversation we have ever made, we would all have discrepancies!

  4. I think the existence of this type of clip is not at all surprising.
    In 1994 Cheney was communicating the official position of the Bush 41 administration. Now he is defending/communicating Bush 43’s position. I would be very surprised to ever see the Vice President or the Secretary of Defense publicly break from the administration’s position on such a critical issue.

  5. Yeah, having been there and lived in an Arab culture for a year, I could have told you that this would happen. Anarchy and the struggle for leadership, power, dictatorship, is so close to the surface for this culture. Generalization? Yes. True? The proof is in the pudding and the administration should have thought out a post-Saddam war alot more, obviously. Even an amateur like myself could have told you that Iraq and other Arab nations are not like France or Belgium or any other occupied territory we’ve ever “set free” or “democracized”. They should have known (which clearly they did at one point and just ignored or were overly optimistic.)

  6. It might be that Cheney is not discrepant in regards to Iraq in his own personal worldview, which is very likey what we see in this ’94 clip as he wasn’t VP then with a President to back. I agree with Jim that Post-War Iraq was not thought out virtually at all (as we see now). Frontline did a piece on this. A couple of major blunders by this administration in the few days after we took over Iraq were this:

    1) The Debaathification of Iraq. Treating otherwise law abiding citizens like Nazis because they joined Sadaam’s Baath party for fear of no job or death.

    2) Dismantling the 300k Army for fear of retaliation. Why do you think it was so easy to invade? The army stood down as Sadaam hid. Then, the Army stood down and waited for their “new” orders from American generals. Paul Bremmer (under orders from the President), sent 300k men home (with their guns) without jobs. (Hmmmm…yeah…my only job for years was the military and I was suddenly “fired” I’d probably start car bombing too)

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