An update from Shane Claiborne

Many of you may be familiar with Shane Claiborne. He is the author of The Irresistible Revolution and founder of The Simple Way, a New Monastic community in Philadelphia. His work with The Simple Way is something that I’ve kept a close eye on in recent times. To say that he’s had an impact on my thinking over the past two years would be a profound understatement.

Back in June, a 7-alarm blaze ripped through The Simple Way and several other houses in their community. All physical aspects of their ministry – their community art center, T-shirt business and outreach centers – were completely destroyed. Ironically, Claiborne, who has devoted his life to helping the homeless and poor in his community, lost not only his home, but everything he owned in the fire.

Below is a video that was released today with an update on the status of things since the fire. Unfortunately it sounds like the bulk of their difficulties in rebuilding their ministry and community remain ahead of them. (Donations are being taken at the Simple Way’s website if you’d like to contribute.)


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