Come waste your time with me!

The anthem of 😆

*sigh* I miss ’em.


2 thoughts on “Come waste your time with me!

  1. What was so great about Phish, especially about 8-10 years ago was the possibilities. You never knew if they were going to cover Nirvana, bring out Jay-Z, play a 58 minute version of Runaway Jim, or possibly just suck.
    So what I miss the most is the possibilities…the possibility they might come around in the summer or the winter, they might play Hood, they might cover an entire Floyd album.

  2. My two favorite “possibiliites” from shows I attended…

    1) I got to see The Dude of Life! But I don’t need to tell you… you were there for it.

    2) I was at the Darien, NY show (now one of the Live Phish CDs) where Ken Kesey’s “Merry Pranksters” showed up during Colonel Forbin’s Acent.

    Number 3 isn’t a “favorite” because it sucked… but I was witness to a “Super Tweezer” in 1995 at my second Phish show (first was in ’94). That summer they played alot of Super Tweezers, mine just happened to be the worst of all time. But it did include Fishman on vacuum, so it was memorable.

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