Three great Over the Rhine videos to whet your palette!

Since Over the Rhine’s new album comes out next week I figured I’d stoke the fire a little bit.

I found these videos on YouTube a little while back and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to share them. They were all posted by the YouTuber TheSongsForYou. I can’t quite figure out his deal, but it appears that he makes music videos which set songs to clips from popular movies. It’s kinda tough to describe really, but once you experience a few it’s really quite something. (Not to mention, the guy’s got phenomenal taste in music!)

So anyway… these three videos.

The first is simply fantastic! It’s for the song “I Want You to Be My Love” from their album Drunkard’s Prayer. I have no idea where the footage comes from but I can’t imagine a better video for the song! Beautiful!

The second is the song “Little Did I Know,” also from Drunkard’s Prayer, set to a ballet rendition of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. He’s edited it in a way where it almost appears to be choreographed for the song. Not at strong as the first video, but still very, very cool.

The third is nothing more than well-cut live footage of Over the Rhine performing “All I Ever Get for Christmas Is Blue” from last year’s Christmas release Snow Angels. It’s OTR doing Christmas like only OTR can. (And I’m pretty sure that’s Matt Slocum of Sixpence None the Richer on lead guitar.)

Anyway, this post is nothing more than a shameless excuse to post some of Over the Rhine’s music. Hope you’ve enjoyed the experience!


3 thoughts on “Three great Over the Rhine videos to whet your palette!

  1. because i love OtR i have to say this Shane … bad title for the blog entry. “threesome”? dude … “triad” or “trilogy” … but … ug. in this sexually hyperloaded media age, that just doesn’t seem right. having said that, thank you for making me aware of these sweet vids!

  2. Steve, I have to be honest. It was a bit of an experiment. I noticed the other day that my blog hits went through the roof because an entry had a certain four letter word – beginning with “p” and ending with “orn” – in the title. I was curious if a similarly titled post would generate the same result.

    That same post caused the internet filter at my job to block me from viewing my own blog for a couple days too. So I wanted to see if this post would get through as well.

    Probably poor judgement on my part. I’ve since changed the title.

    Of course nobody ever thinks that way when you talk about a golfing foursome. 😆

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