Oh, and my dad found a severed human foot!

I didn’t even get a chance to blog about this because of the house explosion.

This weekend someone found a severed human foot in Lake Ontario near my parent’s summer home and turned it into my father (he’s the property manager for the community). Seriously, it was just a foot in a boot that washed up on shore.

They called the police who did a three-mile sweep of the shore in an attempt to find the rest of the body. No dice.

Between this and this morning’s house explosion it’s a creepy week to be related to me. I don’t know whether to play the lotto or go see a witch doctor to get this curse removed! 😆


5 thoughts on “Oh, and my dad found a severed human foot!

  1. Wow! Have you ever heard the song written by John Hadley called “The Finger”? Starts out with huis sister calling from Deetroit Michigan to say her husband cut his finger off while mowing the lawn and continues by talking about what he would personally do if he found a finger…but a foot! That’s totally different! Yikes!

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