Yeah, so apparently my grandfather’s house exploded!

I’m not kidding.

This morning my grandfather’s house literally exploded. Apparently there was a gas leak in the basement with no ventilation for it to escape, so the basement filled with gas and somehow ignited. When that happened the house exploded!

According to my sister who was there this morning (along with a fleet of emergency crews and news cameras) there is nothing left of the house at all. The only fragment of structure that remains is the kitchen where his wife was at the time of the explosion. Somehow she managed to escape the explosion by climbing out the kitchen window. Everything else around her was completely destroyed. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, although there were a number of pets who were killed by the blast and all of their possessions were destroyed.

Below is a photo taken from the News 10 NBC report of the explosion. Once there is video available I’ll see what I can do to get it up.


Update: There is now video of the news report on News 10 NBC’s Website.

And here is the story from the RNews site.


4 thoughts on “Yeah, so apparently my grandfather’s house exploded!

  1. Dang. Glad to hear nobody got hurt. This same thing happened in our town a few years ago. Unfortunately, several people were there at the time, all of them related children and teenagers; their parents had all gone out together and left the younger to be minded by the older. It was horrible.

  2. I am sorry to hear about all of the craziness that has happended in your family. let me know if there is anything that your grandparents need help with. I am glad that everyone is ok, but it is very sad to hear that they lost all of their belongings and their home and their pets. Take care.

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