Quick hits…

  • Set the DVR: Sen. Barack Obama will be on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart tonight.
  • “Trumpet Child”, the new album by Over the Rhine is in stores now. It’s great, even if this reviewer doesn’t like it because it’s too happy.
  • The IRS has basically forced the guy who caught Barry Bonds’ 765th home run ball to sell it. They claim it had significant value the minute he caught it and were going to make him pay a hefty tax to keep the souvenir. In my opinion, the ball only becomes valuable when it’s sold or donated. Until then it’s just a wad of twine wrapped in leather – I have a few in my garage. The IRS should keep their mitts (pardon the pun) off it until then.
  • Playing video games in Japan can be hazardous to your health. Three people have suffered broken arms trying to beat an arm wrestling game that “even women should be able to beat” according to a spokesperson for the gaming company.
  • Apparently Janeane Garofalo is joining the cast of 24 this season. It will be interesting to see how her extremely liberal politics will mix with the show’s largely conservative fan base.
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    5 thoughts on “Quick hits…

    1. Great Quick Hits Edition!

      Amen on the IRS crap. Someone should do something about that. (Someone with influence, motivation and education that is).

      Not sure about how I feel with Janeane joining 24. I wasn’t sure about the future of the show to begin with. But of course I’ll be giving it a shot.

    2. I never know what to do with the things I hear and see that I want to talk about but don’t want to dedicate a whole post to.

      I feel bad for the kid that caught the ball. In listening to the interview with him, it almost sounds like he doesn’t want to sell it. He’s kinda being strong-armed into it. If he keeps it he’s looking at $100K+ in taxes. He’s a college student.

    3. ya know, am i the only one who feels as though we need to be honest and admit that we as a nation are not ready to elect a black man as president? i personally wouldn’t have an issue with it at all, but i’m also a crazy left wing nutjob. everyone is pretending like we’ve made all this admancement, but i just don’t see it. i dunno, maybe i’m just a huge pessimist (can’t help it, i’m a red sox fan)

    4. I don’t know dude. I think it’s possible that we’re not ready – even if it’s unspoken. I think Obama has fared much better than previous would be candidates (ie Jesse Jackson). Dignity goes a long way. Many Conservatives would have loved to have Powell run a while back.

      Obama has accomplished alot. He’s still pretty wet behind the ears in the arena, and I think that’s his biggest downfall. I’ve read a bit of “The Audacity of Hope” and have tuned in to alot of his interviews. I like his ideas, I think he’s pretty solid. But Hillary’s a pro, very polished and experienced. That disparity has shown a bit. Now Obama’s doing damage control by pulling back on the debates and focusing on meet-n-greets and interviews.

      We might not be quite ready as a nation. But there’s no doubt Obama’s making big strides. He’s got a huge burst of popularity and is putting up a decent fight against Hillary the juggernaut.

    5. i still think john edwards is the best choice…or, in my “lesser of two evils” view, the least bad 🙂 plus, the last non-southern democrat to be president was jfk. lbj, carter, clinton & gore (pop. vote…and probably the electoral, too!) were all southerners. i think i wrote that in some other post of yours once. but, i think that in order for a dem to win the best bet is a southerner.

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