The re-launch of!

During the summer of 2006 violence in Rochester reached an astronomical rate. During a particularly bad period of just eight days, seven people were murdered on our city’s streets. It was bad…

As we began to talk about these events with some of our friends we began to feel God prompting us to take action and do something about the problem. On July 13th we issued a call to prayer against violence in the city of Rochester. Several people and churches responded.

This response gave birth to, a website dedicated to calling people in the Greater Rochester area to continual prayer for the peace of our city. We used the site to track news of violent crime in Rochester in order to equip people for effective prayer. We also used the website and email list to inform people about scheduled prayer meetings and peace rallies dedicated to praying for and promoting peace in Rochester.

Unfortunately, when Cheryl and I moved to Florida our work with was set aside. While our hearts remained with the people of our city, it became impossible to continue our efforts from far away.

Now that we’re back in Rochester it has become painfully obvious that the city is in continual need for prayer.

The city is experiencing yet another violent summer. In the past few days alone there have been numerous shootings and one fatality, the city’s 33rd this year.

That is why Cheryl and I have decided to renew our efforts with We are kicking things off with a prayer gathering next Wednesday at the Liberty Pole. We’ve also launched a newly redesigned website and have started a MySpace page for the effort as well.

Whether or not you live in the Rochester area, we ask you to join us in praying for peace in our city. Please bookmark the website and visit it frequently for updates to help you pray for specific needs as they arise. If you’re on MySpace we ask you to add as a friend to stay informed about upcoming events. If you live locally we encourage you to join us at the prayer meeting on Wednesday night. You can also sign up for the email list by contacting us at And please continue to Pray for Rochester.


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