I can’t believe I waited this long…

… to watch this video!

I know I’m pretty much the last person on Earth to see it, but holy cow!!


4 thoughts on “I can’t believe I waited this long…

  1. As two people who have personally been on safari in Africa along with Joe’s father who has been on countless safaris, we can say this truly is an AMAZING video!! I guess we had to go to South Africa instead of Kenya to see such National Geographic footage! We had our share of excitement but that’s definately got to be ONCE in a lifetime footage. It definately brought back some great memories-thanks for sharing!! (And no, we hadn’t seen it either so you’re not the last person on earth to see the video!)

  2. Why travel the world when you’ve got YouTube? 😆

    Jealous of the Safari. I went on the African Safari ride at Animal Kingdom, that’s about as close as I’ve come. That and that one time we took one of the Nyack College vans through the baboon exhibit at the Six Flags in Jersey. Shhh….

  3. It was new to me too. I didn’t know what the fuss was until I saw the whole thing. Wow.
    I’m not much of a traveller, but thanks to youtube, AND Google Earth and Skype, I’m seeing the world.

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