40 days and counting!


This was my birthday gift to Cheryl (and our anniversary gift to us). We kinda figured that the number of chances we’d get to see Dylan perform were going to be fewer and fewer as he gets older. Plus, it’s not everyday that one of your all-time favorite artists comes to town on the evening of your anniversary.

Not only that but Elvis-freaking-Costello is the opening act!


7 thoughts on “40 days and counting!

  1. Well, the image was missing a hunk off the left hand side. However, it suddenly made me realize that the barcode part was probably the most important. Thanks for making me paranoid!

  2. hey dude, did i ever tell you the story about when i saw dylan when i was 17? seen the man twice, and honestly wasn’t blown away by the music, but just having him THERE, in front of me, was amazing. i’d love to see costello, too. it’s funny, i like him, but i’m not one of those “elvis costello is such a genius” people. i know a lot of them. same w/ david bowie. i like, i don’t love. i appreciate them as artists. just like i do you, butrose 🙂

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