Joba the headhunter?

Red Sox fans have their panties in a wad today over an incident that occured in the ninth inning of yesterday’s game at The Stadium. With one out and no one on, and up by five runs, Yanks’ releiver Joba Chamberlain let not one, but two laser-beams sail over Kevin Youkilis’s head. Joba was tossed for presumably trying to hit Youkilis intentionally.

Personally, I don’t buy the notion that it was intentional. Maybe I’m being a bit of a homer, but what sense would it make to pull a stunt like that with a five run lead, in a game you’re trying to win to gain ground on the Red Sox and make the playoffs? But the Red Sox players certainly thought it was on purpose, just read the lips in the dugout!

Ah, Yanks vs. Red Sox – it doesn’t get any better than this!


11 thoughts on “Joba the headhunter?

  1. I don’t know this is a tough one. While I’m a Yankee Fan…it’s hard to to tell. This is only Joba’s 9th MLB game, and he’s only pitched 11 innings. It may have been nerves as the heat was on him to close a sweep against the Red Sox. Then again…he’s got a 0.00 ERA and two fast pitches identical to one another one right after the other is kinda fishy. He didn’t seem too burnt up about it. Anyhow…just my $.02.

  2. 99.9999% of pitches intended to beam the batter are never thrown at a batter’s head. That’s a cardinal sin.

    The other argument against him throwing at Youkilis is that Clemens had already paid back A-Rod’s plunking earlier in the game. There was nothing left retaliate about.

    All I know is I love me some Joba!

  3. We all know the Red Socks are going down. And that Beckett needs some soap in his mouth. Fine upstanding role model there! I don’t think Joba meant it intentionally, but who knows. He seemed to miss by a mile if he intended to hit him, didn’t he!

  4. i agree that it makes no sense for him to throw at youk’s noggin’, but the fact it happened twice in a row makes you think “ok, dude was intentional”. i have no idea why, but i’m kinda glad cause now the sox got a little fire under ’em and they need it BAD so we’ll see ya @ fenway budday!

  5. It is unlikely he wanted to hit him. He had already thrown him a strike on the 2nd pitch. You don’t throw strikes to a guy you want to hit. If he hits the strike, you don’t get to hit him. If you throw at a guys head, you have to really want to get him.
    The Sultan on Sports

  6. Redsox Nation chiming in here. I do think its possible he was throwing at Youk but it doesnt really make sense or seem all that likely. The throws really do look like they are just sailing off almost like hes forgotten how to throw the pitch hes trying to.

    I think its telling that there is no big reaction from youk right away and even the announcers are not reacting with anything other than bad pitch type statements.

    to me its nothing and all the get him out of the game talk is prolly not to disimillar to the “Im gonna die” act because you drilled me with the ball when the hitter was really grazed at best anything for an edge : /

  7. One year later, what do you homer Yankees fans have to say about this bullsh!t now? It’s clear that Chamberlain is a douchebag headhunter. Hopefully, he gets a broken bat to his fat forehead to teach him a lesson about throwing at batter’s heads.

  8. You know what’s funny? There are a number of Yankee and Red Sox fans here and yet we all manage to be civil to one another. In fact, we get kind of get a kick out of guys like you – who take it waaaaaay too seriously.

    Crawl up out of your mom’s basement and get some sunlight. It’ll do you a world of good.

    (And FYI – I think Joba was throwing at Youk on Friday night.)

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