For your ridicule…

… I present my 2007 Fantasy Football roster.

I picked fourth overall (Manning) and didn’t have another pick until late in the second round (17th overall). By that time all the elite running backs were history and I panicked. As a result, Clinton Portis is my #1 back. Ouch.

At the very least, I have three guys playing in tonight’s season opener, which is all I have been able to think about since about 3PM.

Ah yes… football’s back!

QB – Peyton Manning (Ind)
WR – Steve Smith (Car)
WR – Marques Colston (NO)
RB – Clinton Portis (Was)
RB – Deuce McAllister (NO)
TE – Tony Gonzalez (KC)
WR/RB – Ted Ginn Jr. (Mia)
K – Jeff Wilkins (StL)
DEF – San Diego

QB – Eli Manning (NYG)
WR – Muhsin Muhammad (Chi)
WR – Wes Welker (NE)
RB – DeAngelo Williams (Car)
TE – L.J. Smith (Phi)
K – John Kasay (Car)
DEF – Miami


13 thoughts on “For your ridicule…

  1. Nice touch with both Mannings on your team to promote team unity. Welker is a sleeper who may pan out big time for you. Portis is, yes, a disaster waiting to suck your season into a deep hole. I say this from personal experience. RB help is the top priority. Maybe you can find an unsuspecting owner to take L.J. Smith for a reasonable RB? (I live in Philly and L.J.’s sports hernia has kept him off the field most of the pre-season…took McNabb a year to heal from his)

  2. I wouldn’t have picked Manning 1st. You could have had a stud runner there.

    With the way our league scores, once the top tier backs are gone the next highest scorers are almost always the top two or three QBs over the course of the season. Once Tomlinson, Johnson and Jackson were gone it was a tough call to take anyone over Manning. I was hoping there would be a run on QBs before my next pick so I could steal a Thomas Jones type but there were just no good backs left when it came up.

    I’d never root for injuries, but if DeShaun Foster, Betts or Bush should suffer misfortune, I may be feeling much better about things.

  3. I present for YOUR ridicule…
    (It’s kind of scary how our teams lined up!)

    – 2007 Amarillo Armadillos –
    QB – Hasslebeck, Matt
    RB – Westbrook, Brian
    RB – McAllister, Deuce
    WR – Smith, Steve
    WR – Jackson, Darrell
    WR – Joey Galloway
    TE – Gonzalez, Tony
    W/R – Welker, Wes
    K – Gould, Robbie
    DEF – Jacksonville
    D – Ware, DeMarcus
    – Backups –
    QB – Manning, Eli
    QB – Jackson, Tavaris
    RB – Taylor, Chester
    W/R – Hester, Devin
    K – Lindell, Rian
    D – Little, Leonard

  4. Dude, your team is fine! I’m telling ya, Welker’s a solid sleeper. I don’t know why I didn’t start him his week, but he would’ve been worth 10+ in our league. He seems to be a key target for Brady and will get plenty of return yards if your league counts them.

  5. friggin’ peyton manning. GAH!

    and you know you needed to take either new england or chicago for D. with a semi-talented QB my bears would’ve beat the chargers! my hate for manning would turn to burning love if he had a C on his helmet 🙂

  6. Ahh Im missing fantasy football already.

    Im trying to sever ties with my emotional attachment to sports and it’s athletes (mainly due to the general immorallity of the industry) Fantasy football made me cheer the hardest for the worst types of people.

    PS. if you think the term emotional attachment and sports don’t go together then you werent brought up outside of Boston going to 20 or so Red Sox Games a year.

  7. I don’t know dude, about the “general immorality.”

    When you talk about the NFL, you’re talking about a league of about 2,000 players. When you then consider the number of players you hear about having run-ins with the law, committing crimes, etc, you really are talking about a small, tiny, miniscule fraction of that total. One percent?

    For every Michael Vick there are two or three Shaun Alexander’s or Warrick Dunn’s. Guys who keep their nose clean, embrace the role model status and actually do things to give back to their communities. Peyton Manning just built a children’s hospital. There are plenty of those types of stories out there, but they don’t sell advertising time on ESPN like a Vick dogfighting scandal, or a Pac-Man Jones strip club incident.

    If you or I got a DUI, it doesn’t make the news. If they do, it’s just another reason to hate professional athletes.

    I just try to keep in mind that athletes are just a cross section of humanity. Take any group of 2,000 people and you’re going to get plenty of criminals and jerks. In fact, you might even get more of those types with a true random sampling than you do as a percentage of professional athletes.

  8. Im not just speaking of the criminals Im also speaking to the lifestyles of adultery and materialism.

    My wife is a Athletic trainer who works for the rehab facility that treats many of the jacksonville jaguars I have gotten to know many of them on a semi personal level and the stories I hear are ones I can’t approve of.

    I have to ask the question of myself should a believer be emotionally attached to the successes or failures of a non christian? I would argue that the vast majority of Christians are more concerned with whether or not Tom Brady tosses x touchdowns and leads the pats to a superbowl. Rather than whether or not Tom Brady who now has at least 2 children out of wedlock is going to hell. Should my invested emotional interest be in a players success in a game or in an effort to reach lost people.

    On a seperate note I would have to dissagree with you about the percentage of professional athletes that have unnaceptable behavior. I dont have the time to go very deep into this as its late but I will say that I am of the opinion that NBA and NFL players in particular have inherent in thier athletic upbringing poor morals and no character guidance. I would point to illegal high school recruiting, college money, AAU and “prep” league scandals.

    Are there good people yes. Are there criminals yes. Are there alot of morallt bereft people in between those two groups? Most definattely. Should I be investing emotional energy in those people beyond trying to reach them for Christ? I’m not sure but I dont think so.

    Jesus didn’t cheer on the prostitutes and ignore thier moral misgivings he told them of thier sins and of a better way.

  9. If you look up the term “wet blanket” in Webster’s Dictionary, there is certain to be a photo of johnekeane. 😆

    I don’t know dude, I can’t say that I agree with your rationale. And if I follow that rabbit trail too far, I’ll wind up living in a cave. Or worse yet, I’ll become “bullhorn guy.” *shudders*

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