When football takes a back seat.

The thoughts and prayers of football fans nationwide are with Buffalo Bills’ tight end Kevin Everett today. During yesterday’s game against the Denver Broncos he suffered a cervical spine injury as a result of an attempted tackle on Denver’s Domenik Hixon. The remained motionless on the field for fifteen minutes before being rushed to a nearby hospital for an emergency spinal surgery.

Hospital officials have said that the surgery went well and Everett will remain sedated for the next 48 hours for monitoring. It is still unknown whether or not he will ever walk again.

You hate to see this type of thing happen, no matter what jersey the player happens to wear. It’s one of those rare moments when fans are jolted back into reality, and have to face the fact that these are real human beings on the field risking their lives to play a pretty violent game for our entertainment.

If you think of it, whether you’re a sports fan or not, please keep Kevin Everett in your prayers. I will try to update this post as more information becomes available.


9 thoughts on “When football takes a back seat.

  1. i heard on boston sports radio this morning that they stated it was highly unlikely he would walk again. it’s crazy how we don’t realize how insane the amount of pain these guys go through. i remember hearing bill romanowski saying that he got lost one time on his way back to his house after a game, that he couldn’t remember where he lived. all the concussions and injuries, it’s insane. and to think, when i was in ireland a co-worker who was a rugby fan (and weighed about 90 lbs.) said “american football is shite, they wear those p*&#% pads!” and i said “you ever been hit in the head by a 300 lb. guy on steroids?!?!” let’s hope everett makes it out better then they are speculating.

  2. You are correct, they’re saying he’s likely never going to walk again. As a matter of fact, he’s not even out of the woods in regard to whether or not he’ll live. They’ve completely shut him down. They’re controlling his bodily functions while he’s sedated, he’s on a respirator and everything. It’s horrible.

    I’ve got tons of respect for ruggers. Those guys go at it pretty hard. I just watched a match between Argentina and France this past weekend. It’s tough to compare it to the NFL. Yes, they wear pads. Lots of them. But, the speed and type of hitting in the NFL is quite a bit different than rugby.

    I’ve always kind of argued that these kind of injuries might be more likely in football and hockey because of all the pads. If you weren’t so protected, you might not come as hard and might tackle differently (especially not leading with your head). You might have more dislocated shoulders and broken bones, but not as many spinal injuries.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong about all that. What do I know. I stopped playing tackle football when all my peers were still under a buck.

  3. Thankfully these types of injuries don’t happen as often as a reasonable person would expect them to happen, given the nature of the sport. But it still stops you in your tracks and makes you remember just how fragile life is.

    It’s amazing to me how they can continue to play after hearing news like this.

  4. I know. If I watched that sort of thing happen to a good friend of mine I’d be looking for a desk job as soon as I got off the field!

    It takes a different kind of cat to do this stuff for a living.

  5. So in a pretty dramatic update on this whole thing…

    Yesterday the news reported that when they brought to semi-consciousness he had voluntary movement in his arms and legs. Now the doctors have changed their predictions to say he may walk again. That’s crazy!

  6. Everett cannot breath w/o a machine (only 24% polmonary function)

    He will never walk again.

    ESPN lies
    NBC lies
    Nike lies
    NFL lies

    They all dope, cheat and are vioent. NFL= WWE

  7. Seriously dude, go away. I deleted your previous two (identical) posts because you have an obvious axe to grind. I’m also suspicious that you’re the same clown that comes here all the time and only ever talks about doping.

    Your phony email address (espn@disney.net) just shows how disengenious you are.

    Get a new take. Or a life, job, some friends…. whatever.

    Don’t post here anymore. I don’t have the energy for your nonsense.

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