This wouldn’t get its own post if I wasn’t already such a honk for both the musical genius of Ben Harper and RELEVANT Magazine. But, since Ben found himself on the cover of the latest issue of RELEVANT, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pimp both.

If you haven’t yet heard Harper’s new album Lifeline, you need to do so immediately. Recorded and mixed in just seven days on 16-track analog tape, without any computers or ProTools, this album is – to use a term I hate – real chill. To experience the chill for yourself, check out this video of the album’s first single “In the Colors.”

And on the RELEVANT front, here’s a rundown of this issue’s highlights. And for a real neato preview of the issue go here and click the “Look Inside” link to the right.

Inside the Deep Convictions of Ben Harper
Ben Harper speaks about the subjects of greatest significance to him and his music. The indie star reveals his humility in a discussion about his newest album, Lifeline, human rights, issues of poverty and the environment, government policies and his hang-ups with organized religion.

The Shelf Life of God
From problems with alcohol and drugs to sexual sin, Matt Keller lived in separation from the Christian lifestyle with which he grew up. Is it normal to put God on the shelf while we seek other means of satisfaction before we realize we need Him? Psychologists and pastors alike delve deeper into this question.

Is It Ever OK to Lie?
John Piper gives several examples from Scripture where lying in the face of opposition seems to please God, as well as examples where lying is considered an abomination. Piper examines where the line is drawn and where the God’s disapproval comes into play.

Answering The Call
The Call is the face of a movement for fasting and prayer among America’s young people. And on a hot summer day, more than 60,000 showed up to change the world.


4 thoughts on “Ben & RELEVANT!

  1. A long time ago I used to subscribe to SPIN. But once RELEVANT came along I found that it scratched my pop-culture itch in a much more substantial way. With the advent of the internet, blogging, etc., I don’t see as much of a need for printed magazines. I can get my hands on most information and plenty of good editorial content without the cost of a magazine subscription.

    But, there’s still something worthwhile about having reading material “in hand.”

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