Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

In my post about the IBS’s “Books of the Bible” project I made mention of the TNIV translation of the Scriptures. The TNIV (or Today’s New International Version) is a revision of the NIV translation of the ’70s.

The thought occured to me that some of you out there may want to take it for a spin. Or possibly there was a passer-by who didn’t have a copy of the Scriptures of their own.

With that in mind I thought it might be beneficial to provide you all with a link where you can download the entire TNIV translation of the Bible for free – courtesy of the folks at RELEVANT Magazine.

So download it, print it off, put it on your iPhone, use the Acrobat Reader for your iPod, email it to friends, whatever….

There, let it never be said that I failed to share the Gospel! 😆


3 thoughts on “Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

  1. It’s relatively new. I think the first edition came out in 2000, with a revision in 2005.

    As with all modern translations, it has its pros and cons. And, as with all modern translations, the 1611 types hate it.

    Unless you can speak and read Greek, Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew fluently – and have access to the original manuscripts – it’s a good idea to read from several different translations on a regular basis. So take it for a spin and see what you think!

  2. Speaking of the TNIV. There is a great audio version of the TNIV I found called The Bible Experience. A Hollywood production group recorded over 200 top actors, pastors, musicians, with sound effects and music. I have the NT, but the full Bible is coming in October. I found it a great way to engage the Bible. There are some “making of” videos on YouTube. Or you can check it out at

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