“Vernon” is getting published!

Last week I posted a story about our experience with a guy named Vernon. I hadn’t intended to do much with the essay apart from posting it here. But then I figured “what the heck” and sent it to a few publications to see if there would be any interest in publishing it.

This afternoon I received an email from aLife (or Alliance Life) magazine informing me that they’re planning to publish the article in their December 2007 issue. Alliance Life is the official magazine of the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. It has a monthly distribution of about 20,000 copies and is read just about everywhere the C&MA has a presence around the world. This will be the second time they’ve selected one of my articles for publication.

Being that my C&MA credentials expire in December there is a hint of irony to the news, but I’m still pretty excited.


3 thoughts on ““Vernon” is getting published!

  1. Thats cool. I think it preaches… Soo many thoughts about the venue in which it will be read, but that’s an e-mail or phone conversation, not a blog comment. Irony out the wazoo.

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