The $63K degree in homemaking (husband not included)

While I was attending Nyack College one of the running jokes among guys was that half of the girls attending the school were there just to get their “MRS.” This was another way of saying that many of the girls had no career goals or ministry ambitions of their own, they were just spending $20,000 a year in a high-stakes attempt to land a Christian husband.

If all went according to plans they would be engaged by junior year, marry right after graduation, start making babies on the honeymoon and settle into a long career as a stay-at-home mom while their husband put his degree to work paying off her student loans.

Ladies, if this is your five-year plan after high school I have some exciting news!

New this fall, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is offering female students (sorry fellas) a bachelor of arts in humanities degree with a 23-hour concentration in homemaking. According to this article in the Dallas News:

Coursework will include seven hours of nutrition and meal preparation, seven hours of textile design and “clothing construction,” three hours of general homemaking, three hours on “the value of a child,” and three hours on the “biblical model for the home and family.”

Yep, you read that right. Female students can now major in being a stay-at-home mom! Girls who go to school to get their MRS can now actually work in their field of study! Now they can boast to their single, childless classmates that they are actually doing what they went to school for! Take that Christian Education majors! Take that Religion and Philosophy majors! Take that 75% percent of all Christian college graduates!

You have to hand it to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. When their new president fired a tenure-track professor for being a woman, they faced a whole heap of criticism (not to mention a federal lawsuit). Such backlash would have caused lesser schools to soften their official “in-the-kitchen-with-one-in-the-oven” policy on a woman’s role in society. But not this bastion of male superiority. They’ve taken it a step further by actually offering ladies a college degree in homemaking where they’ll learn how sew their own clothes, and keep their man well-fed!

That takes a set of stones. Big, giant, manly, bronze-plated, cave-dwelling stones.

Now before any of you start getting on my case, claiming I’m anti-homemaker, let me point out that my beloved wife is in fact a stay-at-home mom. We’ve made alot of personal sacrifices to allow her to fill that role in our family. Our entire household relies on her ability to excel in that role if we are to have any hope of survival. And she does a fantastic job. I’ve got nothing but love for the stay-at-home moms out there!

But she didn’t need a college degree to do it! Well, an associates degree in liberal arts maybe, but certainly not a bachelor’s degree! Heck, for the most part whatever she didn’t learn from her own mother she picked up in 4-H!

You don’t need to fork over $63,000 to a bunch of troglodytes to learn how to be a stay-at-home mom! And if you’re having trouble finding a man, you don’t need to go to seminary for that either! Just take off your bonnet, get out of that home-made dress and slip into something designed within the past two centuries. You know, like a nice pair of jeans! They even make Southern Baptist girls look appealing to a man’s eye.

I kid, I kid…

But seriously, does anyone else out there find this a bit absurd? Ladies? Particularly the stay-at-home ladies? Reaction?


18 thoughts on “The $63K degree in homemaking (husband not included)

  1. Ok, google can teach you all of that crap for FREE. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. Maybe if you want to offer this as like an extracurricular thing but the make people pay all that money to get a degree in something that will NEVER make them any money is absurd. And who is the idiot who is going to pay $ so their daughter can get this degree. Come on people. I’m glad I didn’t have any student loans because we’d be even more screwed right now. And what better way to not be albe to be a stay-at-home mom when you have student loans on a degree in stay-at-home-mom so you can’t afford to stay home! Absolutely insane.

  2. Yeah…dude…

    My wife did one year and Gordon and now she’s a stay at home Mom. Good thing because we would have had a butt load of student loans in addition to mine. She has communities online and off that helps her with stuff. She’s pretty stinkin AWESOME at her job and she’s didn’t pay a cent for it….other then lots of pain and sweat in the delivery room.

  3. sigh. that’s really all i can say. clearly stay-at-home moms don’t need any kind of non-homemaking education for personal growth or edification.

  4. You know Lindsay, I share your discouragement.

    My wife often is critical of women in the church because there are seemingly no “heavy hitters” when it comes to matters of theology and spiritual formation that are women. Good luck finding a single commentary or systematic theology book written by a woman. The issue of female pastors and elders aside, I fear we’ve trained generations of women not to contribute anything more than “Where’s Jesus When Baby Has an Oopsie?” to the realm of Christian thought and practice.

    I used to tune in to Pastor Melissa Scott on late-night television. Now, there’s tons of info about her sordid past out there, and her husband was a notorious whack-job, but I always appreciated the fact that she could “bring it” when it came to theology. Now I haven’t logged enough hours of watching her preach to offer a serious critique, not to mention endorsement. (There’s plenty people say about her that make me skeptical) But she can break down Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic like it’s nobody’s business. I always kind of dug that.

    I was talking to a woman today who told me that Beth Moore used to get a ton of flack because men would enroll in her Sunday School classes to hear her teach. Her teaching of the Word of God is so solid that it even engaged the thinking of men. Gasp!

    Now that’s the kind of thing I wish we’d see more of. This seems like a step in the wrong direction.

  5. Shane,

    The school offering the otherwise worthless BA in Humanties in with a concentration in Homemaking is not Southeastern Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, NC. Unforunately it is my alma mater Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.

    This yet another way the current president Dr. Paige Patterson is attempting to destroy what was once the largest theological seminary in the world. You should read the outcry over this and other outlandish antics on the SWBTS forums at MySpace. Some of his other outrageous actions included: building a new but unneeded chapel in effort to increase enrollment, a new 1/2 million addition to president’s manision for his books, & firing all female professors in the school of theology except for his wife, and hiring 3 maids for his wife.


  6. I wonder if those maids are graduates of the new “homemaker” major.

    Nah… they’re probably Mexican illegals. 😆

    I knew it was your alma matter. I figured it would be a matter of time before you chimed in.

    BTW, Dee is one of those “chicks who can bring it” I was talking about before…

  7. No they are students or student wives. Gee, way back in 2000 when I graduated I had an MDiv with a concentration in Ethics. I took regular classes. The entire undergraduate program is sadly about control and power not proclaiming the programs. All of this happened a school that was proud of the fact that women have been admitted as full students since 1921.

    As for cost I think SWBTS is far less than $20,000 a year. The cost is a lot higher than it was when I started. My 1st semster cost for Baptist students was $500 per semster now it is $198 per semster hour.

  8. Shane-Please check your facts before publishing. The school firing women and having this program is Southwestern BTS in Texas, not Southeastern BTS in North Carolina.

  9. Why bother fact-checking when snarky readers will point out your mistakes for you? 😆

    I kid, I kid… Thanks for the heads up.

    It started with a typo, which led to an errant Google search. Which led to both being fixed.

  10. Shane, not trying to be snarky.

    For me this is a very personal issue. It is sad to see how what was once the largest Seminary in the world has fallen. Until recently 1 in 5 of the 5,000+ Baptist missionaries & 1 in 10 of every seminary trained Baptist minister attended SWBTS. It is not about any theological issues but rather power. It seems that anyone who dissagrees with the fundmentalist president is a liberal.

    Dr. Bullock, one of the professors who was fired, was one of the best teachers I have ever had and possibly the best teacher I have ever known. So, why did Dr. Bullock get fired? Simple, she is a female teaching in the school of theoglogy. It seems that female teachers aren’t qualifed to teach church history. Never mind her ablitiy or the role model she is. Her kids where 2 of the most solid teens I have ever worked with.

    The debate here is much milder than SWBTS forumn or Wade Burleson’s Blog.

  11. Dee, that “snarky” comment wasn’t aimed at you. See the comment right before mine by “Lauren.” It has the tone of a vigilant Southeastern alumn who wanted to distance her school from this issue. 😆

    But it was also a joke.

  12. Shane,

    I can why Lauren would want to do that. I’m a SWBTS alum who would like to do the same.

    BTW, there are many SWBTS alum who would like to SEBTS to take back Patterson.

  13. Shane, I wish you were a stay-at-home dad. As long as Mom does most of the housework and childcare, men will rule the world.

  14. I wish I had done this. I have had three children, am an attorney by trade and still wish my girls to understand that the investment of becoming “The Proverbs 31 Woman” is akin to the investment of becoming a Godly one. Thanks for the shout-outs! Snarkiness welcomed.

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