That was the scene that greeted me this morning. Nine times out of ten I remember to remove the faceplate. Apparently, not this time.

At least they didn’t smash out our windows to get to it this time. When we went through this last year we had to replace some glass.

Anwyay, if anyone would like to contribute to the “help Shane and Cheryl buy a new stereo so in a few more months thieves can take that one too” fund, PayPal donations are gladly accepted at


10 thoughts on “Suck…

  1. Your pain is felt my friend. I’ve had my Cd player jacked before. It sucks big time. I have a better idea in terms of founding. I say we raise some money to get you out of that neighborhood.

  2. Nah…

    First time around, we dldn’t live in this neighborhood. My sister’s car stereo got jacked in one of the “nicer” areas of the country a few years back. I’ve had stuff stolen from me in the sticks. There are lots of dishonest scumbags, and they’re everywhere.

    I should’ve been smarter. I know it’s not my fault the stereo got ripped, but I could have done more to prevent it.

  3. I got violated in a subdivision after I graduated High School. I used my well earned graduation money and bought 12’s for my car. One morning I woke up to a drivers side door window all over the seat, and the head lamp busted out.

    Turns out getting the speakers out of the trunk was harder than they thought though. They were still there. Still a pain though.

  4. The best I can tell is that he somehow was able to jimmy the driver’s side door open. I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave it unlocked (I never do) and when I came out it was kind open a crack and the locks were screwed up for a second until I was able to get them working right again.

  5. i suggest getting a cheap ol tape deck and an iPod nano + car adaptor, works for my 1992 honda; sounds adequate (ok speakers) and i have about 2000 songs/podcasts/sermons/lectures at my fingertips.

  6. i have a real nice jvc stereo with a detach faceplate remote aux input on the front you can have. Still have the original box and recipt i think : p It was in my truck before I totaled it and the new utter piece of poo car (biggest used car nightmare ever) that I have has a stereo in it already. Gimme the digits and I will mail it.

  7. i suggest getting a cheap ol tape deck

    A tape deck? A tape deck? Do they even make those anymore? That would do me absolutely no good at all as I haven’t owned a cassette tape in nearly two decades! 😆

    Or, to paraphrase Wayne Campbell:

    A tape deck… a tape deck. I don’t even own a tape, let alone many tapes that would necessitate an entire deck. What am I gonna do… with a tape deck?

    The thing I really liked about our car stereo is that it not only played mp3s on CD-R, but also had an input jack that I could plug my mp3 player into. And it’s not like it was expensive. I think I picked it up for about $80 and you can pick up a used one on eBay for much less.

    I’d really like to just replace it with the identical model. But we’ll see what happens.

    Tape deck. 😆

    i have a real nice jvc stereo with a detach faceplate remote aux input on the front you can have.

    Dude, seriously? That’d be huge! Thanks! I sent you an email already with my address. Might be a good idea to send it Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, I’ll reimburse you for the shipping if you want.

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