Greatest news ever!

This blog post is going to mean absolutely nothing to every single one of my readers except for the handful of those who have:

A) Been to Rochester, NY

B) Have experienced the savory goodness of Rohrbach’s Highland Lager (aka “heaven by the pint”).

My favorite brewer on the face of the earth announced yesterday that they will be building a new brewery by Rochester’s Public Market (ie, about five blocks from my house). The new facility will be considerably larger than their current brewery, increasing operations by about 30 percent. It will also include a tasting and retail-sales room as well as brewery tours.

But, the most fantabulous news of all is that the new facility will eventually be expanded further to include… wait for it… a bottling line! That means that you will no longer have taking home a growler (thus having to drink a half gallon of beer before it goes flat) as your only option for enjoying a Rohrbach’s at home. And you may soon be able to pick up a sixer at your local convenience store, rather than making the trek out to their current location on the far-west side of town.

So I will now be living equal distance between The Old Toad and the Rohrbach’s brewery. That’s probably bad news for Marge and the boy, but woo-hoo!


2 thoughts on “Greatest news ever!

  1. Dude, I have a glass in my cupboard from Hops. I bought it as a souvenir when we were living in Gainesville right before we moved back home. The name of the establishment is also a pretty good description of their beer. It was the hoppiest Sam Adams wannabe brew I’ve ever tasted! Blech.

    From the research I did on Beer Advocate, it seems as though Florida is a desolate wasteland when it comes to finely crafted brews.

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