!evitaerc si akceh si htaM etuM Mute Math is hecka creative!

First and foremost, credit is due to Mudpuppy for turning me on to this.

While I’m still on the fence when it comes to Mute Math’s music, I have to admit that this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

The video above is taken from their recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After a few moments of viewing it you’ll most likely notice something kind of kooky. While the video of the performance is obviously being played in reverse, the singing and playing is taking place correctly! What the…?

Here’s how it went down. First, you need to be familiar with the band’s video for the song Typical. To pull that off, the band had to learn how to play the song in reverse. They sang the lyrics backwards – not the words in reverse order, but actually sang the words backwards (ex, the word “typical” would be pronounced “lacipyt”). The same went for playing the instruments – the most insanely difficult part being the drums. They filmed the video, with them playing the parts backwards, then ran the video in reverse to create the illusion of the song playing correctly while all other actions were shown in reverse.

Ok, are you caught up now?

So this “live performance” was actually a live recreation of the video. They played the song backwards, then when the performance was broadcast they played the video in reverse using the audio from the studio track.

I would have to say that this blows away OK Go’s live performance of their treadmill routine at the VMA’s in terms of creativity in bringing a video to life. I’m almost tempted to buy Mute Math’s album as a sheer tribute to this accomplishment.

Two more fun links related to the Mute Math video/performance:

1) The Making of the Typical Video – the band talks about how difficult it was to make the video, includes behind the scenes footage.

2) Fan video in reverse – A fan took the video and ran it backwards. The result is the actions in the right order and the music in reverse.


3 thoughts on “!evitaerc si akceh si htaM etuM Mute Math is hecka creative!

  1. They are hands down the best live act I’ve ever seen. You really can’t describe it with words. But if they are in your area, they are a MUST! You’ll be converted after that.

    This simple video on a Mud and Steel show where we attempted some similar techniques gave us a headache. I can’t imagine all the other elements involved in the Mute Math performance!!

  2. really best act youve seen live? Ive seen them three times and havent been all that impressed with them. Although I havent seen them since thier recent bursts of fame.

    I had never seen that treadmill thing before its pretty neat I fear treadmills so maybe thats why i think its so impressive.

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