Hear. Listen. Connect – Creating a dialogue in a world of indifference

What would happen if we practiced dialog instead of debate?

What if we defended relational space as passionately as we protect our beliefs?

Take a few days off from your opinions and fears. Check your certainty at the door and join a group of fellow travelers as together we travel to new places in our spiritual thought life.

For us evangelism is much more about connecting than about converting. We think learning the art of connecting is valuable not only for evangelists but also normal human beings.

Off The Map explores new kinds of spiritual ideas and practices and seeks to take that information public. Think of OTM Live as a living lab of new approaches to spirituality.



9 thoughts on “Hear. Listen. Connect – Creating a dialogue in a world of indifference

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  2. They’re asking good questions, but I’m completely put off by the people’s titles and descriptions. “Futurist”, “the people formerly known as lost” – seriously, it reminds me of six sigma and stuff like that.

  3. I will admit that the “futurist” thing in Diana Butler Bass’ bio did kind of creep me out.

    But, having read Henderson’s book, I understand the whole “people formerly known as lost” thing. It’s not a reference to believers. It’s more about his philosophy of those who don’t believe, and viewing them simply as people – not people who need to be pittied, or objects of our personal conquest. Just people.

    I’m not sure, but I think he goes into greater detail about that in his other book Evangelism Without the Additives.

    Personally, I want “change agent” as my official title for everything I ever do in life! 😆

  4. Shane –

    Thanks for the reply. Which of Henderson’s books do you think would be a good starting point? He does sound interesting. (I may just use you as my filter, Captain Change Agent. 😉 )

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