What can I say, the kid can pick’em!

Our son’s proficiency at picking winners is already well documented (he won our NCAA Final Four pool two years ago). And apparently he’s at it again.

Our NFL Pick’Em league is well underway, with the most people playing that we’ve ever had. And, as usual, Josiah finds himself at the top of the leaderboard. Out of 17 people picking winners of all the games each week Josiah currently finds himself in second place (tied with mommy), with just one correct pick separating him from the leader.

Now some people spend tons of time pouring over power rankings, researching the point spreads and doing whatever else they can to get a competitive advantage over the rest of the league. (Or, if you’re like me, you remember to make your picks just before the deadline and “wing it.”)

Josiah’s highly scientific method involves picking which team logo he likes the best. Hey, whatever, it seems to work for him! 😆


3 thoughts on “What can I say, the kid can pick’em!

  1. I’ve decided (in my other picking league) to simply decide which mascot would beat the other mascot…Would an Eagle beat a Giant? Would a Dolphin beat a Patriot?

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