Quick hits…

  • If you plan to tune in to the Game 3 matchup between the Colorado Rockies and Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow night, prepare to get a little choked-up. Joseph and Jacob Coolbaugh – five and three years old respectively – are scheduled to throw out the first pitch. Their father Mike was killed earlier this season by a line drive while coaching first base for the Rockies’ Double-A affiliate in Tulsa. The Rockies have also elected to give Coolbaugh’s widow Amanda, who is pregnant, a full playoff share. More on this story…
  • Who knew that Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna was such a Jesus Freak? According to this article at least 20 of his teammates have “come to Christ” as a result of him sharing his faith in the locker room. Could this explain why the Lions actually have a winning record this season? Hmm…
  • Radiohead surprised fans by not only announcing that their much anticipated album In Rainbows would be independently released online next week, but also that they’re allowing fans to pay whatever they want for the album.
  • I was extremely disappointed to read this week that Mark Driscoll called out Rob Bell and Brian McLaren as “heretics” at a recent pastors conference. I am really leery of anyone who uses the “H” word about any other pastor, or believer for that matter. On a related note, here’s an interesting interview with Brian McLaren where he talks about dealing with the constant criticism he receives.
  • On the political front:

    1) I think I’m the only left-leaning person on the planet that doesn’t think George W. Bush actually hates children. I was in favor of the bill (being in that exact demographic) but I hardly think Bush’s veto makes him the anti-Christ. Just a conservative. His veto was consistent with the conservative opposition to socialized medicine. That’s all. But if you listen to the rhetoric of the blogsphere you’d think he and his cronies stormed hospitals and ripped IVs out of the arms of sick children.

    2) Fox News never ceases to amaze me. When Obama first announced his candidacy their big story was “Would You Vote for a Smoker?” Now it’s about whether or not he wears an American flag on his lapel. Whatever deflects attention from the actual issues I suppose.

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    3 thoughts on “Quick hits…

    1. Shane,

      I went to Bob’s blog and I read the comments, it sounds like Mark does have some serious issues with Rob and Brian. I think Mark’s thoughts on Brian are right on, it does sound like Brian is losing the focus of the gospel while he is trying to reclaim it. I have never read anything by Brian so this is just my thoughts from reading about him and his books.

      As for Rob (I have read all his books seen most of the NOOMAs and have listen to dozens of his sermons) I think Rob does over do it sometimes with his use of the Rabbitical texts, but I think he does a wonderful job of explaining the historical context of the passages. And lets be frank, Rob is at his best when he is looking at the larger story of Jesus, not one passage.

    2. Both may be fair criticisms. But we’re using the word “heresy” here. Who isn’t a heretic to some degree? No one person’s theology is spot on in every conceivable way.

      I’m a fan of Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell and Brian McLaren individually. I have gleaned from the teaching of all three guys and have been edified. Driscol says plenty I don’t completely agree with, as do Bell and McLaren. But my respect for Driscoll wanes every time I hear him launch an assault on these guys. Especially when he calls them out by name.

    3. I have a lot of respect for the things that Driscoll has done in church planting, etc… but on a personal level, I have a difficult time learning or listening to such a wild gun who consistently goes on rants such as these. I think he has done as much to tear down the kingdom as he has to spur it forward.

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