F—ing Midges!

I didn’t get to see the game last night because I was at the Amerks season opener (courtesy of a very generous friend). But between periods I was able to catch parts of the game on the monitors around the arena. At one point I caught a glimpse of Rivera swatting bugs away from his head. I didn’t think anything of it. But in reading the reports about the game this morning, it appears I missed one of the seven plagues!

What the freak is a midge anyway?


6 thoughts on “F—ing Midges!

  1. I don’t think they have them in upstate NY – you get blackflies.

    Is a really really small midge a midge-ette? Sometimes I crack myself up!

  2. A midge? I heard they were called a “Canadian Soldier” it was a flying Ant. They hatched rather suddenly over Lake Erie because of the unseasonably warm weather.

  3. interesting that they only appeared after the Indians randomly decided to wet down their infield just before the Yanks took the field. very strange indeed.

  4. I was (obviously) dissapointed to listen to the game last night. When all you got is bats, the bats better not sleep on ya.

    Here’s to hoping the words “youth” and “pitching” find their way back into Cashman’s vocabulary in the off-season.

    As far as the World Series… go Indians? I just can’t bring myself to root for either of those expansion franchises in the NL in wannabe baseball markets. And, well, that whole Red Sox thing…

  5. it’s MOST interesting the midges didn’t bother the indians at all. 🙂

    Rockies v/s Sox

    Sox World Series Champs!!!!
    A-rod to the angels
    Torre to the midden heap (which is CRAZY, if you ask me)

  6. I personally feel that Joe deserves one more season. If for no other reason that it just wouldn’t seem right to play the final season at Yankee Stadium without him as the skipper.

    I hope they keep A-Rod. I don’t care what it costs. If he doesn’t stay with the Yankees than I wouldn’t mind seeing him go to the Cubbies.

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