Ron Paul v. Chris Dodd

This afternoon Cheryl and I took one of those online polls to see what candidates best fit our political ideals based on a handful of issues. I found it interesting that Ron Paul (R) and Chris Dodd (D) ended up in a dead heat atop my list. Dennis Kucinich (D) and Mike Huckabee (R) were tied for second. Of the candidates who actually had a shot at nomination, I wasn’t the least bit surprised by my results.

At least I know one thing for sure, I will likely be voting for a Democrat or a Republican. 😆



21 thoughts on “Ron Paul v. Chris Dodd

  1. Thanks for that link. It helps me sort out my confusion … a little. My score said Sam Brownback (whoever the heck that is), but because of immigration, I favor the next score down, John McCain of all people. I’ve always thought of myself as a Democrat (of the Jimmie Carter sort) but they’re pretty far down on the list.

  2. When I was in high school I used to be in an after-school club called “Teenage Republicans” or TARS. I was highly involved in some state senatorial campaigns and the ’92 & ’96 presidential campaigns for the Republican party at a local level. I was hyper-conservative all the way through the first few months of GWB’s first administration.

    After 9-11 my political ideologies were pretty much dismantled. I started reading alot of Barth and Kierkegaard. Also really took a liking to the book Christianity and Anarchy by Jacques Ellul.

    Eventually I outgrew that nonsense and started really wresting with my own political identity. It’s still emerging I suppose.

    A year or two ago I read God’s Politics by Jim Wallis. It’ a book I still highly recommend, especially to my conservative friends, but I’ve recently found his “non-partisan” approach (he often uses the jingle “don’t go left, don’t go right, go deeper”) to be (borderline) venomous in respect to the right. A far cry from the politically neutral front he puts on.

    So now I’m working to find a middle ground that doesn’t compromise most of my core beliefs. Which is what I guess everyone’s doing these days.

    My point being… people change, grow and mature. I wouldn’t expect you to hold the same positions you did earlier in your life. Even earlier last week.

  3. i got huckabee and tancredo

    I like Huck. If he had a prayer (and you’d think as a pastor would 😆 ) I’d seriously consider him.

    I got Obama and Clinton. What does that mean? I shouldn’t post this, I might get my accreditation revoked.

    Dude, the photo of me with my arm around Chuck Schumer didn’t cost me my license, you should be in the clear.

    However, I’m confused. How are you still licensed? I thought they’re only valid on an annual basis?

  4. yeah, my came up brownback as well, but with a much higher score than you had shane. your high is 26, mine was 50. does that mean i want to be the leader of his campaign in NJ?

  5. I took it a second time and came back all Dems in my top 8. For the life of me I have no idea what I may have changed. Definately nothing on my positions, maybe I changed the priority of some issues?

    Does Brownback have a prayer against the Guliani cash machine?

  6. So I took Beth’s quiz for haha’s and the results were as follows for candidates currently in the race:

    1. Barack Obama (82%)
    2. Christopher Dodd (71%)
    3. Dennis Kucinich (69%)
    4. John Edwards (67%)
    5. Ron Paul (65%)

  7. Barack Obama (75%)
    Christopher Dodd (68%)
    Dennis Kucinich (64%)
    Al Gore (not announced) (62%)

    I’ve always liked Gore.

    Just wondering what if someone had a “polling” site that always had the same winner, such as Obama. Would it effect an election? I think it would.

  8. but i want it known that i remain a conservative with a great many wrestlings and questions.

    i find that i’m a conservative that DESPISES the republican party right now.

  9. since taking the initial poll and reading more, i have officially declared myself a Ron Paul supporter. so much so that I’ve volunteered to help out the campaign in my area. i feel like finally, a guy that seems like he truly feels the same frustration as all of us and is willing to give some power back to the people. anyway, here’s a lengthy but cool video about paul:

    join the revolution!

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