“The Man in Me”

And while we’re on the theme of Bob Dylan and our 8th wedding anniversary…

Here’s David Bazan – quite possibly the best songwriter in today’s music scene – covering “The Man in Me” by Bob Dylan – the greatest songwriter of all time. Seems like an appropriate tune to dedicate to my wife today.


9 thoughts on ““The Man in Me”

  1. so i clicked on the bazan tag and went to the website. which somehow brought me to jtillman’s website. is this the same jtillman from nyack? just in a much hipper, cooler, smoking, i’m too cool for my past jtillman?

  2. Well, I don’t know anything about the “I’m too cool for my past” stuff, but yes, they’re one in the same. He’s done pretty well for himself musically. Touring with the likes of Bazan and Damien Jurado.

  3. I got to see David this past tuesday. He was pretty great. I sort to struggle through my love of his music everytime I see him or listen to a CD because there is just such a lack of hope in the majority of his songs.

    I got to his show early it was at a little cafe and I got to sit with him and Jim Fairchild (All Smiles) and chat for a bit which was pretty cool.

    I took a few photos and 2 videos that Ill try and sort out and maybe put up on youtube One is of a new song for his upcoming album called Harmless Sparks its about priests and children.

    On a side note when asked the question “Do you love God?” by a audience member he said “I dont think I could answer yes to that right now” sheds some light on the hopelessness of alot of his music.

  4. tiamhda had similar thoughts on Bazan’s spiritual struggles. I think it’s safe to say he’s going through some stuff in that area of his life right now.

    But that doesn’t discourage me too much. When you sift through the Psalms you see nearly half of them are lamentations. David and the other writers grappling with God’s perceived estrangement, questioning Him and their faith in him.

    It’s part of the journey. Some go through longer, darker stretches than others. Time will tell what God has for Bazan.

    Still writes terrific music regardless.

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