Does new abortion documentary go too far?

Note: While I will never shy away from addressing difficult or controversial issues, the subject of this discussion may be painful for some readers. That is why the actual content of this post is in the comments section. I wanted to give readers the option of ignoring the post if this is a particularly sensitive issue for them.


7 thoughts on “Does new abortion documentary go too far?

  1. A new documentary titled Lake of Fire by filmmaker Tony Kaye (American History X) aims to make a “non-propagandist” attempt at exploring the abortion issue in America. The film contains nearly two and a half hours of interview footage from a wide range of people on both sides of this extremely divisive issue. But it’s the not what is being said in the interviews that is stirring up the most controversy, it’s what being shown on the screen.

    The film contains graphic footage of actual abortion procedures as they take place, including one “partial birth” abortion. (I will not post the description of the footage here.) Kaye shows equally disturbing images from the other side of the debate as well, including photos of murdered abortion doctors and a mother who died during an attempt at giving herself an abortion with a coat hanger.

    This leaves many people asking the question; “Does this film go too far?”

    Does including such footage and imagery show a lack of taste and respect for the issue? Or would an true and honest look at the abortion issue be incomplete without it?

  2. It’s not like pictures posted in public. A person chooses to view a movie. So I don’t think it’s going to far. I’m not going to watch it, but I sure know a few people who I hope will.

    I loved America History X, I own it, but I can’t watch it often.

  3. If you caught any of the PBS Special “War”, it was interesting to note that so many people didn’t realize how bad the holocaust really was until the films, footage, and pictures came back home. I agree that it’s a choice to view the film or not.

  4. i can watch american history x over & over. it’s great. and no, i’m not a nazi!!! haha 🙂 but yeah, the whole abortion thing makes my stomach get all “i think those clams were bad” on me. don’t think i’ll be seeing this one.

  5. yea, American History X goes into the same category as Passion of the Christ: Awesome Movie that I think I’ll never be able to watch again.

    I kinda share Stan from South Park’s view on The Passion of the Christ, “Dude, that wasn’t a movie – that was a snuff film!”

    And speaking of snuff films. I was thinking about this question from a different angle. I know that rape is an awful thing, I don’t need to see it happening before my eyes to “get it.” If I applied this same criteria to that issue, I’d have to say that showing an actual rape would be “going too far.” Or child molestation too for that matter. I don’t need to see it to know it’s awful, etc.

    Why is this different?

  6. Also, there’s an interesting legal question that could arise. According to this article Kaye said that “it’s illegal to film someone being killed.”

    It would be really interesting to see what would happen of some group decided to call him on that. It could push the limits for the government to have to determine what life is/isn’t. Especially in the case of the “partial birth” footage.

    I wonder if anyone will pick up on that.

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