The curse is lifted!


Florida. No matter how hard we tried to blot out the memory of our time in that wretched state there was something that just wouldn’t let us. Our license plates. Every time we got in the car we were reminded of that awful, awful experience. I used to joke that my plates (and yes, they’re plates people – not tags!) were my “Scarlet Letter,” making my infidelity known to everyone in town as I tried to go about my business.

Friday we fixed all that. New drivers license, the right state on our plates. I feel whole again. Redeemed…


5 thoughts on “The curse is lifted!

  1. That’s because I haven’t really talked about it too much publicly on my blog.

    Long story short…

    About a year ago we moved to Gainesville to help plant a church with another pastor. Let’s just say that it was such a train wreck that within three months we not only were no longer a part of that church, but ties were completely severed with the other pastor.

    We came back home pretty shell-shocked. Still recovering in a lot of ways. Rochester is home. It’s where we were called, we were dumb to have ever left and I never will again.

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