iMonk takes on Osteen

Michael Spencer – aka, iMonk – had a few choice words regarding Joel Osteen’s recent 60 Minutes interview. I’ve listed a few of my more favorite quotes below.I also figured that this afforded me a good opportunity to talk about (pile on?) Osteen’s “teaching.” Biblically sound or Christian self-help? I personally feel the guy’s teaching is the spiritual equivalent of a microwave pizza, and anyone who is truly seeking God’s truth would do well to run full speed in the opposite direction of this $73 million freight train.

How about those of you “outside” Christendom? What is your general perception of guys like Osteen? Does that affect your view of Jesus and the church as a whole?

Osteen is a Gospel preacher like Col. Sanders is an army officer.

Joel doesn’t preach the Gospel. At all.

He’s simply Tony Robbins with Praise music. His hero is Norman Vincent Peale. It’s a Christless, sinless, crossless, repentance-less message about everything turning out OK.

Osteen really, really doesn’t like what he knows about the God of Romans or Exodus or Psalms. He has another God in mind, and imagines that somehow it’s the Biblical God. The Golden Calf had better theology.


10 thoughts on “iMonk takes on Osteen

  1. Joe and I happened to catch this interview as well. He also came up in one of Joe’s classes this morning! I’m finishing up I Sold My Soul on Ebay and it’s interesting how Hemant states Joel Osteen as being his favorite preacher as well as his mother’s favorite preacher and how much they love his books. Let’s just say he rubs me the wrong way.

  2. I didn’t stay with 60 Minutes for the Osteen interview. I’ve read the expose on him in The Wittenburg Door, as well as browsing his website and his books when I’m standing in a Christian bookstore. The expression I used in my blog last night was “grin-for-greed preacher.” I don’t want to stand in judgment of someone who claims to be an authentic purveyor of the gospel, but I find nothing in what he says and does that inspires me. It is the same kind of soulless, spiritless, vapid “Christianity” that drove me out of evangelical churches and into the discovery of liturgical worship. Whenever I encounter this kind of “Wordless” Christianity, I am reminded of the biblical image of the chaff and the wheat–and what happens to the chaff when the two have been separated. Osteen’s “gospel” is that chaff.

  3. have you seen the video from Driscoll’s sermon last week at Mars Hill? It’s on Youtube. Driscoll plays a 4 minute clip of Osteen to his congregation and then critiques it.

  4. I saw him preach once. The entire time there was a HUGE rotating “J.O.” on the jumbotron rotating around. Lef t a bad taste in my mouth for sure. Just a bunch of feel-good prosperity bunk. Everything seemed so rehearsed and fake….like a broadway play. He even brought out his family in the end and they all had on plastic smiles and waved to the crowd. Very creepy. I think they are aliens 🙂 ha.

  5. but butrose, look at that trophy wife! clearly the good pleasure of the Lord God Almighty rests upon osteen! 🙂

    the one thing that drives me crazy is his end, when he says “find yourself a bible-believing church”, which we all know is code for evangelical, making the all too common evangelical assumption that they have the bible on lockdown and all us non-evangelicals are heathens.

    plus his mullet.

  6. I feel fortunate that I have no idea who this iMonk is.

    BTW, I’m evangelical, LES. If you like, I’ll spread the word among the fold that you aren’t a heathen.

  7. I agree about Osteen. He is a good self-help guru, but he is not a preacher of the gospel. I have never heard him discuss sin.

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