Recent video game additions…

A trip to the thrift store this weekend yielded a couple more additions to my vintage video game collection. I think I may have more NES/SNES/Genesis games now than I ever did as a kid. Of course now they can be purchased for $2-$5 a pop. It sort of makes me feel bad about the small fortune my parents spent on this stuff when I was a kid!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Sega Genesis
I had the first Sonic the Hedgehog back in the day. But for whatever reason the copy I recently picked up wouldn’t play in my machine. So I was happy Cheryl spotted Sonic 2 at the store. Josiah and I played it a few times over the weekend, he seems to really like it. When Sonic gets going really fast it’s a bit too much for him to handle, but for the most part he does okay.

Dr. Mario – NES
Dr. Mario is a bit too complicated for Josiah, but Cheryl and I logged a few hours on this one over the weekend. I forgot how insanely addicting it is! The nice part is that you can “handicap” the difficulty level from player to player. That helps make the game a little more fair, especially since I’ve got about a million more hours of gaming experience under my belt than my wife does.

Super Mario Bros. – NES, Super Nintendo
This one isn’t exactly a new addition, but it deserves to be mentioned because it’s currently Josiah’s favorite game. He’s getting a little better each time he plays it. He can’t quite make it through world 1-1 yet, but he’s getting pretty close. I think his main problem is the fact that he just can’t let the “squashy guys” go if he jumps over them and ends up getting killed when he goes back to get them. That and I haven’t even introduced the idea of holding down the “B” button to run fast, which makes jumping over large holes a little more challenging. I’m just stoked to pass down the Mario tradition to another generation!


3 thoughts on “Recent video game additions…

  1. Those are three excellent games! I’ve played bits and pieces of other Sonic games, but #2 is my favorite from back when I had my Sega Genesis. Super Mario is a classic game I still have yet to actually beat. Dr. Mario is a game I play again regularly, since there is a version of it on my Brain Training game.

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