Josh Garrels – New single & East Coast tour!

I’ve posted a few other times about Josh Garrels and his music. It seems everyone we turn on to him falls in love with his unique style of folkhiphopfunkfusion. (You’d never guess that this guy is a C&MA pastor!)

His music has recently been featured in a documentary film about surfing titled Walking on Water. As part of the film’s release, Josh and others will be doing an East Coast tour which kicks off on October 19h in Cocoa, FL. If you live in or near any of the cities this tour is passing through, I’m begging you to check him out. Most of the shows are either real cheap or free. And, I promise that you will not only be edified and uplifted, but you will be freaking blown away!

To generate some buzz for the upcoming tour, Garrels released a new song today. It’s available for free download exclusively on his website. It’s a full-band remix of his tune “Mercy Triumph.” It is – as the kids used to say – dope.

Get hip.

Josh Garrels – Mercy Triumph


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