Manny being Manny

So did anyone catch the human peacock Manny Ramirez admiring his solo home run off Jensen Lewis last night? You would have thought the guy just hit a walkoff blast to win game seven of the World Series. But instead, he was showboating a sixth inning home run with his team losing 7-3, in a game they ultimately lost to go down 3-1 in the ALCS! Way to almost cut the deficit in half Manny! Hip hip hooray!

I make no apologies about my allegiance to the Yankees, so of course I’m predisposed to hating the Red Sox anyway. All that aside – when Manny’s “being Manny” he’s a certifiable grade-A schmuck. If Rafael Betancourt had any stones at all, Manny should have taken one between the numbers when he stepped up to the plate in the eighth.

Go Tribe!


18 thoughts on “Manny being Manny

  1. Shane – I’ve got a little spot reserved for you on the Tribe bandwagon. Well said indeed. Being a “lifer” for the Tribe, I can tell you that his act is no longer missed in C-town. After watching that little number last night, I can say that I’ll take Kenny Lofton and his 40 year old knees any day. I had the same thought about drilling him the next time up, but Eric Wedge is a smart guy and coach.

    My guess is that he didn’t order the “code red” because he didn’t want to wake up the Red Sox bats. I was reminded of the talking to that Kenny Lofton got after he had some words with the Umps. Fox caught that on film and made reference to it as well. Plus, Manny looked dumb enough doing what he did. It didn’t need any salsa to make it better.

    Still would have liked to see him knocked on his can next time around. Look for that in Spring Training or early next year. Baseball minds and pitchers never forget.

    Go Tribe indeed!

  2. When Man-Ram came up in the eighth there was enough padding to send a message, but you’re right that taking the high road was a much smarter play. Had it been a regular season game, Manny would’ve been tattooed for sure.

    Oh, and welcome back Aaron. I had no idea you still came around these parts. 😆

  3. LOL. No doubt Shane. I am always “lurking” although it’s usually through Google Reader which has made my life and blog reading much easier. I’m not so good on the commenting thing, but read and enjoy often!

    You even got some “props” on AC180 today. We were having an Olsteen discussion and I used your Driscoll clip to add fuel to the fire. 🙂

    Keep blogging and here’s to Manny hearing chin music sometime soon. We Clevelanders have a way of holding a serious grudge….Unless you come back and play for us.

    Heck, even Lebron is public enemy #2 now (Manny took over #1) for wearing his Yankee gear to game 1. I was cool LBJ showing his team pride. Who cares. Long as he doesn’t start wearing Knicks stuff, it’s all good.

  4. “All that aside – when Manny’s “being Manny” he’s a certifiable grade-A schmuck.”
    I don’t know anything about sports celebs, but I think Jesus died for this guy.

  5. Great point Cathy! Jesus was all about atoning for sin. If he had been on the mound in the eighth Manny definately would have taken a heater in the ribcage.

    I kid… I kid… 😆

    Jesus died for lots of schmucks. Myself included.

  6. You even got some “props” on AC180 today. We were having an Olsteen discussion and I used your Driscoll clip to add fuel to the fire.

    Glad I could be of service! You know, I always felt bad about not signing up for AC180 when you guys offered. My biggest concern was that I didn’t want to produce original content for it. That and I figured my leftist views would’ve either fallen on deaf ears, or enraged most of your readers.

  7. It was a big homer a the time. 3rd in a row. Put the Sox back in the biggest game of the year, even though the comeback died there. It was the 6th inning and they Sox had just scored the 3rd run of the inning to make a game of it.

    If A-Rod ever does anything good in the playoffs, other than slap the ball out of a fielders glove, don’t be surprised to see him celabrate too.
    The Sultan on Sports

  8. Dude, you’re kidding me right? Manny admires every single ball he hits out of the yard, regardless of whether or not it comes at a crucial moment in the game. He does it in May. He does it in spring training for Pete’s sake. And in this case he did it when he pulled his team within four runs late in the game. Made a game of it? What series have you been watching?

    And then you’re going to give me crap about A-Rod’s past playoff performance to try to justify Manny’s showboating? I’m not going to be reduced to talking Yankees/Red Sox smack. I don’t do it. I don’t really need to. But I will defend A-Rod in that I can count on less than one finger the number of times I’ve seen him puff himself up at home plate like Man-Ram does all the time.


  9. c’mon dude, he’s manfred. yes, as a sox obsessor, i was like “DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”, but he’s manfred. i’m sure after the game papi went to him en espagnol and said “dude, you’re stupid, stop it”. notice how papi reacted to his homer – head down, run the bases. we’ve gotten used to him being out there. there are a lot of manny haters in red sox nation, and to me it’s dumb. the dude produces. yes, he does stuff like this, but it’s more something to laugh at then get mad at. plus, don’t forget, it was in cleveland, where people don’t bathe & hate manny for being manny for 7 years there. i understand there feelings (but not the bathing). i did like that one point about a-rod, or as he should be called in the post-season, a-fraud. as one shirt seen around new england says “mr. april, ms. october”. but that’s just getting back into our ol’ pointless sox -v- skanks debate. this sox team, it seems, lacks the heart of the 2004 team that had the greatest comeback in sports history, which i know you remember well, and so i don’t see it taking place. and i won’t lie, in a way i hope they don’t come back so theo epstein can be exposed as an awful GM who gives hundreds of millions to BUMS! i can’t help but give love to the small ball clubs.

  10. Shane – your left, right, or middle contributions are welcomed anytime you wish to join the team brother. It’s an open invite. Things are really starting to cook over there!

    I had to laugh at the “Mr. April, Ms. October” t-shirt thought. That was funny. Big ball club, small club, as a Cleveland fan, I will not breathe easy until this thing is over. I guess we’ve seen this movie too many times….

  11. the one and ONLY good comment Tim McCarver has ever uttered was in last nights game regarding Manny:
    “If it was 30 years ago someone would just throw at him to let him know he shouldn’t do that. And if he did it again, you’d hit’em again! But you can’t do that now because the game is run by the officials and executives.”
    Seriously, best thing he’s ever said.

  12. I heard that comment too, and was impressed.

    It would appear as though the Sox are going to make a series out of this after all. Back to Boston with the bloody sock on the mound in game 6. Of course, they’ll have to rely on Dice-K if it goes 7. That’s gotta be a horrifying proposition for any Sox fan out there.

  13. i am not horrified with dice-k on the mound!!! the guy has been inconsistent this year, but he is better than wake, and the bullpen is good enough. the issue won’t be his pitching, it’ll be if the boys with bats respond, like last night. i expect dice-k to give up about 4 runs, so they need to hit off an average pitcher!

    but i was initially going to say 2 things.
    1. you spoke waaaay too soon w/ manfred! look at all the great stuff he’s done since this post. skipping to 1st while ortiz ran his big ol’ butt off on that top of the wall hit, saying it don’t matter if they win (which i agree with – boston sports radio was all over him for that, and a guy who’d served in iraq called and told it like it is – IT’S BASEBALL!), not diving or at least barrelling into home in the 1st last night – seriously, i thought he wanted to dance with the catcher. BUT, the bottom line is still, the guy has amazing post season career #’s, and he produces, and so i personally will take the antics that go along with it. here’s a great sox fan site that doesn’t quite agree –

    and 2. when are you going to talk about torre?!?! i think you’re in the pro-torre camp, at least i hope so, and i wanna hear your thoughts buddy!

  14. I didn’t want to clutter up my blog with the Torre stuff today since I already posted two lengthy blogs already.

    In short, I hate to see Torre go. The Yanks shafted him and I’m half considering boycotting next season. How are we going to close Yankee Stadium without one of our best all-time skippers at the helm next year? Disgraceful.

    And Mattingly hasn’t even coached a Little League team before. He’s gonna do a better job than Joe? Puhleeze.

  15. Manny plays the game like its a game and I aplaud him for that. The simple fact is that he has fun playing baseball and is glad he gets paid to do so. Everytime I hit a homer in sandlot ball I admired it thats what Manny does. Hes playing a children’s game and getting paid for it, get over it.

    I honestly think hes one of the few players who has this whole sports thing figured out and is just glad he can basically be a kid for the rest of his life.

    If you cant see that it is just a game and think you should approach it with professionalism tell me what is the difference between what Manny does and what 90% of the NFL does after scoring a td or making a routine tackle.

    PS. I dont think its Manny thats bothering you cause all Im really hearing is a bitter Yankees fan whining.

    “theres always next year, its not the end of the world” ManRam

  16. I am trying hard I only actually watched 1 game of the alcs and have only watched 2 or 3 football games. I think my weakness is sports radio though : / Im generally not in the car long enough to enjoy any of my cd’s so I usually listen to Rome or some other talk guy.

    I Always feel the need to defend Manny and surprisingly enough Arod. Manny for being a big kid and Arod for having “slumps”. Fans frustrate me when they look past the fact that without either of those guys thier respective teams would nowhere.

    Arod I think is easilly singlehandidly responsible for at least 6 Yankees wins this year so without him there would have been no post season. But hes the first to get thrown under the bus when he slumps.

    STOP MAKING ME TALK ABOUT SPORTS! :p I have to go coach my soccer team in the first round of our tournament now!

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