What should I blog about?

I know it’s early in the week, but I’m low on ideas.

Make a suggestion, offer a hint. I just may pick up the ball and run with it…


5 thoughts on “What should I blog about?

  1. starting a community craigslist-esque web site for a community of believers to donate/share their things with people looking/in need of things.
    discuss the pros and cons.

  2. Gay Dumbledore!

    Dude, do you realize how little interest I have in Harry Potter? But, I don’t it’s lame that his “being gay” was never mentioned in the books but now JK “outed” the character.

    By the way. Huck Finn was a tranny. It never really came up before. Just take my word on it alright?

    Mark Twain


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