What the heck is in that New England water?

Well, the New England Patriots made short work of my beloved Miami Dolphins yesterday. Up 42-7 at the half, they went the rest of the way with their JV roster and still managed to win by three touchdowns. Their offense is averaging a freakish 39 points per game. If they take care of business in Indianapolis in two weeks it could be smooth sailing the rest of the way toward an undefeated season.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a team that has so completely dominated their opponents week in and week out like the Patriots are doing this year. We could very well be watching the greatest team in the history of the NFL if they continue to throttle teams on their way to running the table.

I thought we had witnessed something special while living Gainesville last year, with the Gators winning back-to-back-to back National Championships (2 basketball, 1 football). But what’s going on in Boston these days is downright scary.

The Red Sox seem to have found their bats at just the right time as they begin their quest for a second Wold Series championship in four years. The Pats could forfeit the final 8 games of the regular season and would only lose the AFC East if the Bills (2-4) went 7-3 the rest of the way. If the NCAA football season ended today, Boston College would be playing for a national championship. With the additions of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to the Celtics roster during the off season, they may just waltz through the East on their way to the NBA Finals. Heck, even the Bruins are winning these days!


6 thoughts on “What the heck is in that New England water?

  1. Since nearly all my sports loyalties are with teams in the same division as Boston teams, I was going to make a joke reccomending someone put arsenic in the reservoir. I was even going to include Mapquest directions.

    But I figured that would land me on some CIA watchlist or something…

  2. The funny thing is…while that Reservoir is protected…you can get into it. BUT…412 Billion Gallons…would take a heck of a lot of arsenic to even make a dent!

  3. I remember hating the Patriots when Parcells and Bledsoe were there. Then my homeboy Brady (Michigan Man) took over and I’ve loved them ever since.

    And then the Red Sox are just the Red Sox!!

  4. the water isn’t doing much for me, maybe I should stop filtering it with my brita.

    I was sad Buffalo lost to NE but Brady’s been single -handedly keeping my fantasy football team afloat so “Go Pats!” I also have the pats D.

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