End of an era…

It’s taken me several days to really sift through how I feel about Joe Torre and the Yankees parting ways last week. I think more than anything else I’m disappointed.

This wasn’t about money, it was about respect. Yes, Joe turned down a contract that would have still made him the highest paid manager in baseball. But to offer him a one year contract at a 20% paycut was just plain insulting. You offer deals like that to managers who have yet to prove themselves. Not guys who have done nothing but win. Torre was the epitome of class and dignity, the antithesis of everything George Steinbrenner represents to the game of baseball. Heck, even Red Sox fans tend to love the guy. To give him the finger as you close the door in his face was a classless move.

If you want to blame anyone for the Yankees “demise” – and let’s just remember they’re still a playoff team – I say it falls on Cashman. The words “young” and “talent” don’t seem to be a part of his vocabulary. It’s like he’s playing fantasy baseball with George’s billions. Only he thinks it’s still 2001 with the clunkers he picks up from the used car lot.

Next season the Yankees will play their farewell season at “The House That Ruth Built” before they move into “The House that George Built.” The mere thought that Joe Torre – one of the team’s all-time most successful managers – won’t be at the helm is deplorable. I’m considering a boycott.


7 thoughts on “End of an era…

  1. I agree boycott the Yankees!

    Not sure why he stayed on for this year and I can’t imagine that he expected anything more than what he was offered. I honestly believe they structured the deal so as to push Torre out the door.

    As for his place amongst the greats Im not really sure. He was at the helm for 4 World Titles but he was also at the helm for some very bad moments as well. I look at what he has had available to him and I wonder why he only had 4 Titles. I know baseball is fluid and that plays a part in wins and losses but he has had a lot more opportunities to win thrown his way than your average coach.

    Torre is credited as being a master of relationships in the clubhouse someone who gets everyone on the same page and I just didnt see that over the past several years.

    I think the yanks should have just let him go if that was thier intent rather than toss this “offer” his way.

  2. PS. my oppening paragraph was not intended as a slam it was more of a comment on how Torre has been jerked around by management for the past few years so why would he want to keep dealing with that.

  3. Torre is credited as being a master of relationships in the clubhouse someone who gets everyone on the same page and I just didnt see that over the past several years.

    I dunno. I kind of disagree with that. I mean, they went through the worst pre-All Star stretch I think I’ve ever seen and rallied to make the playoffs. They had NOBODY on the mound until Wang got back. A-Rod solved his own problems by putting up the numbers he did. Given the size of the edos on that team, I’d personally say he did a decent job holding the clubhouse together.

    The loss to the Diamondbacks was terrible. And letting the Sox come back from a 3-0 deficit in the ALCS is nearly unforgiveable. Be he won how many straight division titles? Made it to the playoffs how many times? Had been to and won how many World Series titles?

    I agree you about how the Yankees should’ve handled it. Offer him a real deal or say you’re going in a different direction. This was an attempt to make Torre look bad.

    Oh, and I’ll embrace Mattingly as manager only if he grows back the mustache.

  4. oh the mustache. I have a mattingly rookie card I used to love him. That was before I fully realized my calling as a Redsox fan (we are so naive when we are young).

    In the end 11 Division titles and 12 playoff appearances in a row should give you pretty solid job security.

  5. boycott, butrose! boycott!

    i think theo epstein is the most overrated GM in baseball. people criticize cashman enough, but not theo the boy wonder, b/c of 2004. but look at all the clunkers the so-called boy wonder has brought in for insane money – it’s the same thing cashman has done, except the sox have been able to be cohesive as a unit & have good team chemistry, and the pitching has done it (in 04 and this season). theo is LUCKY j.d. hit that grand slam and dice-k didn’t fold in the alcs. i think theo sucks and wish he’d not been brought back after he initially left.

    that aside, i WILL boycott if a-rod comes to boston next year. and not b/c of my personal feelings for the dude, which you well know are vile and un-christ like, but b/c paying anyone that kind of money is a bad move IMO. it throws away the future. and a-rod has proven to be a post-season sucker and a team chemistry crusher.

    what i want to see from boston is probably the same you want in NY – develop the youth, keep on building on team chemistry, good pitching and have a few guys who can destroy the ball. you don’t need a starting lineup of all stars to win. just good players. i want mike lowell back WICKED BAD. i’ll be pissed if they don’t make it happen, he proved himself.

    so yeah, i haven’t even talked about torre. i have all the respect in the world for that dude. the skanks completely disrespected him. steinbrenner & his sons are bastards, and i’m glad that skanks fans (who didn’t already) now know that. torre cannot be replaced by anyone. i tip my cap to the guy, and honestly give my respect to him and my condolences to you NYY fans for having to be screwed by team management like this.

    boycott, dude.

  6. All things Yankees should be boycotted. The Steinbrenner’s are not only clueless, moronic, and just plainly stupid. They’re also vile miscreants! They should be exposed and excommunicated from MLB. I urge a boycott by all fans (non Yankees’ fans too) and an investigation by all journalists.

  7. Joe Torre was the face of the Yankees. They couldn’t have had a better person to usher in a new stadium and take a young Don Mattingly or even Joe Girardi ( I know he had just been manager but maybe even Girardi would have been a coach again for Torre,,anyway) and groom one of them for the next dynasty. Why are the Steinbrenner’s so short sighted. I do not mean to be crass but are thy truly that stupid? Or are they just so deluded because of their upbringing and life style. And what about those front office executives? Are they too scared and too fat to use common sense. I cannot fathom what has transpired here. And after thirty years of being a Yankees’ fan, I will no longer follow the team. I am giving up my family’s season tickets (been in the family for 75yrs) and urging anyone I can to do the same and boycott the team and the Steinbrenner. I also hope the Yankee free agents do the same. I am disgusted by these men (miscreants)!

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