California Wildfires – Thoughts and Prayers

Our thoughts and prayers are with what seems like the entire southern half of the state of California as it’s being ravaged by wildfires. Reports are that nearly a million people have been evacuated thus far, and thousands of homes have been destroyed. The early estimate on damage caused by the fires is at about $1 billion, but that’s sure to skyrocket as the situation languishes on.

As I watch the footage and read the reports I’m reminded of that same “helpless observer” feeling I had in the aftermath of Hurricane Kartina.

We have several friends in the San Diego/Los Angeles area. We’re praying that they and their homes are safe. I did speak to one of them this afternoon who let me know tha (thankfully) her house has remained safe thus far. No word from some of the others who live right in the worst hit areas.

Do any of you guys have friends or family that might be affected by this latest disaster? Have you heard any reports from loved ones?


One thought on “California Wildfires – Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Two of my former students attend college in San Diego and their dad is a pastor in the area. They are fine, but classes are canceled for the week. Reminds me of Florida in ’97 when the whole state seemed like it would burn to the ground. The town my mom lives in was devastated. I gained a new appreciation for the firefighters who were willing to risk their lives just to save one house. They came out from all over the country. Keep those folks in your prayers.

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