Pay what you want for Paste!

In the spirit of Radiohead’s In Rainbows release, Paste Magazine has just rolled out their own “pay what you want” subscription promotion. Current subscribers can even take advantage of the offer to renew their subscriptions.

If you don’t already know, Paste is a pretty hip mag. It covers a ton of music; most of it up and coming, all of it great. Everything you need to know about the magazine can be summarized by their slogan: “Signs of life in music, film and culture.”

The coolest thing about Paste is that each issue comes with a sampler CD that features tracks from each of the artists they cover in the issue. That’s hundreds of free songs each year! That alone is worth the cost of a subscription, no matter what you pay!


3 thoughts on “Pay what you want for Paste!

  1. paste is the best music mag. harp and uncut are 2 & 3. and i must get this new issue as my temper tantrum throwing fave david ryan adams graces the cover!

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