New NOOMA available today!

(Thanks to Mudpuppy for the heads up on this. I had completely forgotten.)

There is a brand new installment to Rob Bell’s NOOMA film series, titled Name which releases on November 5th. You can view the film in its entirety on NOOMA’s MySpace page. But you better hurry, it is only available until noon tomorrow.

On a personal note, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new NOOMA take a similar creative approach to my vLog titled “I Am” that I posted last year. Between that and how close in theme the “Breath” NOOMA was to my sermon titled “Thou Lendest Me Breath”, I’m starting to wonder if Rob Bell isn’t taking notes. 😆


3 thoughts on “New NOOMA available today!

  1. Thanks for the reminder…

    I would agree that Rob Bell might be taking your notes. Except his Nooma videos are usually his sermons that he gave a year ago in short form,

  2. This one will definately be added to our Nooma library; it definately broke me down and spoke to an issue I struggle with daily. Rob Bell’s knowledge of scripture and his passion for our history as God’s people always amazes me and encourages me!

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