Impeach Cheney?

In a move that could only be described as befuddling, Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich (D – Ohio) presented a bill before the House yesterday calling for the impeachment Vice President Dick Cheney.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly stated that the Democrats have no interest in pursuing impeachment of Mr. Cheney or President Bush over the Iraq war. House Republicans pounced on the opportunity to show the Dems with egg on their face and nearly succeeded in granting the bill a hour debate on the House floor. A motion to bounce the proposal to the House Judiciary Committee was eventually passed.

Was Kucinich just looking to stir things up and gain some publicity for his Presidential bid? Is he looking to position himself against rank-and-file Democrats just in time for the primaries? He had to know this bill would be dead in the water right?


4 thoughts on “Impeach Cheney?

  1. Seems like a waste of congressional time.

    Dude, Congress seems like a waste of Congressional time. Have they accomplished anything in the past six months?

    He was advised to do it by the leprechaun who lives in his left sock.

    Sheesh. No kidding. Reminds me of Ralph Wiggum. “He told me to burn things.”

    I wasn’t totally paying attention this morning when I watched the reports, but my favorite quote came from some Republican Congressman who said, “he sees flying saucers and he acts like one.”

    The guy’s a kook. Kinda makes you wonder how on earth he ever managed to land his wife.

    (Of course, the same could be said for any of us trolls who landed attractive spouses.)

  2. kucinich should realize that fellatio is what really matters, and only sexual indiscretions get one impeached. lying, spying and warmongering are clearly not a good basis to impeach anyone.

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