Atari 2600 inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame

Yesterday, the Strong Muesum of Play in Rochester, NY announced three new inductees to their National Toy Hall of Fame.

Besides The Kite, and Raggedy Andy (Raggedy Ann was inducted in 2002), the committee also selected the Atari 2600 for induction. The gaming console is the first electronic toy to be honored.

Of the nearly 40 toys that have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, the Atari 2600 is by far the one that I logged the most time playing with as a kid. The console entered the marketplace in 1977. I received the system for Christmas as a young boy and have at one time or another owned every subsequent generation of console since.

Today, I enjoy playing some of those old Atari 2600 games with my four year old son – his favorites include Combat and Outlaw. Sure, the graphics and gameplay don’t measure up to today’s more robust platforms – but the Atari 2600 remains as enjoyable to play toady as it did when I opened it that Christmas morning back in the early 1980s.

As significant a part of my childhood – and now my son’s nearly 30 years later – as the Atari 2600 is, it seems appropriate that it be honored alongside other great toys from years past.

Boy, video games have certainly come of age!


One thought on “Atari 2600 inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame

  1. we still play combat till all hours of the night.

    we have never gotten rid of a game system.

    have the atari for combat.

    have the super nintendo for original mario kart

    have the ps2 for madden, ddr, san andreas

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