Thanks linkers.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who have me linked to your blogs and personal websites. You know who you are. I know I sure  do.

Despite the fact that I don’t have a place on my blog where I link other blogs that I read and enjoy, many of you have felt compelled to show some love regardless. I’m humbled. And grateful.

I consider you all friends.  With that comes whatever benefits that title entails. Again, thank you.

(Feel free to take this opportunity to share links to your stuff in the comments section.)


12 thoughts on “Thanks linkers.

  1. Shane,

    Great stuff on the Atari. If I had a quarter for every hour spent with that button & joystick.

    Thanks for blogging meaningfully in an (to quote the Arcade Fire) ocean of noise.

    I see that you have a four-year old son. We have a four year old daughter (Hannah) & almost one year old son (Christian).

    Videos available on my youtube link through the blog.

    Would love to talk church, family, music, books, etc. with you sometime.


  2. I also see that you’ve got Nyack stuff on the blog. I suppose I could find out definitively if I read, but did you go there?

    I played basketball for Toccoa Falls College from 1991-1993 & enjoyed my first trip to New York while playing in the All-Alliance tournament.

    Pretty cool


    there you can read me making a comment about how shane gets hundreds of readers and dozens of comments and apparently is really cool in comparison to me 🙂

    and i didn’t even see this til after i just linked to your site on myspiggle in regard to your robertson endorses rudy blog. it’s my pleasure >;P

  4. No C&MA background. Lived in St. Petersburg, FL & wanted to go to a Christian college.

    Toccoa was the closest non-fundamentalist fit. (Also, I made the team after a tryout, so that was fun for a while)

  5. Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the words “Taccoa” and “non-fundamentalist” used in the same sentence.

    I always kind of viewed Taccoa as Nyack’s “buttoned up” half-sister. You know, the one who attends 4-H meetings and wears pleated skirts, while her sister sneaks sips from the liquor cabinet and is out late with a different boy every weekend.

    Other Southern schools must have been really, really fundamentalist to make Taccoa look progressive! 😆

    Anyway… glad to have you around. While we’re at it, let me plug your site for you since you haven’t yet.

  6. One man’s “fundamentalist” is another man’s respite. Who knew? Toccoa is a fundamentally wonderful and deeply flawed place where the Hound of Heaven eventually tracked me down. Not fundamentalist in any way, though.

    Clearwater Christian College (from which I eventually graduated) is another story altogether. But I digress…

  7. By the way,


    As an aside, have you checked out any of Mark Driscoll’s stuff on the “city” in his series on Nehemiah?

    I thought of it as I perused your prayers for your own city. I would covet your prayers for our fair city of Fort Wayne, Indiana as well.

    Urban despair is unfortunately not a rare commodity.

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